Guide on Ticket system Dreamscape.

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The point of this guide is to make it easier for players to submit their tickets.
This Guide mainly concerns punishments.

[SIZE=6]Information you have to know about the ticket system.[/SIZE]

[*][SIZE=6][B]Do not[/B] ask about your ticket in Shoutbox.[/SIZE]
[*][SIZE=6][B]Do not[/B] ask about your ticket on staff members their profile pages. [/SIZE]
[*][SIZE=6][COLOR=#ff0000]If you are ignoring those rules, your ticket will get delayed or even declined.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[*][COLOR=#bfbfbf][SIZE=6]All tickets will get responded within 24 hours.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
[*][COLOR=#bfbfbf][SIZE=6]Time will extend if full format is not filled.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
[*][COLOR=#bfbfbf][SIZE=6]Being in-patient about your ticket will do no one good ![/SIZE][/COLOR]

[I]I will explain a few Ticket subjects that are most used.[/I]
I am punished, and I'd like to get it lifted.[/COLOR][/CENTER]

[SPOILER="Appealing an infraction"][URL]http://support.dreamscape317.net/support/solutions/articles/6000021109-appealing-an-infraction-[/URL][/SPOILER]
[*]Click on the link that has been given in the "[COLOR=#ff4d4d]spoiler[/COLOR]"
[*][COLOR=#ff4d4d]Copy the format[/COLOR] that has been given.
[*]Click on " + [COLOR=#ff4d4d]new support ticket[/COLOR]"
[*][COLOR=#ff4d4d]Paste the format[/COLOR] into "description" stated in the new support ticket.
[*]Fill in [COLOR=#ff4d4d]your E-mail address[/COLOR] into "requester"
[*]Fill in your [COLOR=#ff4d4d]username and punishment[/COLOR] into the "subject"
[*]Fill in the format as [COLOR=#ff4d4d]detailed as possible[/COLOR], but be on point.
[*]Click on "submit" and choose your [COLOR=#ff4d4d]password for the support site[/COLOR] so you can check there how your ticket is doing.
[LEFT][COLOR=#ffff4d]Example ;[/COLOR]

Reqeuster : [B]ve***wes*@hotmail.com[/B]

Subject :[B] Zeven mute appeal[/B]

Account name? [B]zeven[/B]
IP Address: [B]My IP adress.[/B]
MAC Address: [B]My mac adress.[/B]
Type of infraction? [B]mute.[/B]
Why were you infracted? [B]I was flaming a player and I didn't stop.[/B]
Why do you think the infraction should be lifted? [B]it's been a week now and I really learned my lesson. I'm really sorry for the offensive behavior I hope you can give me a chance of redeeming myself.[/B][/LEFT]

To check your IP/MAC , login type ;
[CENTER][B][COLOR=#ffff4d]I want to report an abuse [/COLOR][/B]
[COLOR=#bfbfbf][I]Now there aren't really much people having questions about this part, but I'll still explain it.[/I][/COLOR][/CENTER]
[SPOILER="Reporting abuse."][URL]http://support.dreamscape317.net/support/solutions/articles/6000021110-reporting-abuse-[/URL][/SPOILER]
[*][COLOR=#ff4d4d]Follow the same steps as "appealing an infraction"[/COLOR]
[*][COLOR=#ff4d4d]fill in subject the sort of scam [/COLOR]
example ;

Reqeuster ; [B]ver******@hotmail.com[/B]

Subject ; [B]Dicing scammer squishy[/B]

Offenders Username: [B]Squishy[/B]
Who is the victim? [B]Zeven[/B]
What did they do? [B]Squishy scammed me with dicing, the pot was 20T as stated in my proof.[/B]
Evidence: [B] As stated below I fill in my evidence with screenshots off the full-client [/B]
Full-client screenshots are required.
Video Evidence is needed for: All forms of Scamming (Dice/Stake/Trade)

[CENTER][COLOR=#ffff4d]I want to recover my Bank pin or password.[/COLOR]
[I]This subject is made for people who lost/forgot their password, or even got hacked.[/I]

[SPOILER="Recover pass/bank pin"][URL]http://support.dreamscape317.net/support/solutions/articles/6000021108-recoveries-for-bank-pins-passwords-[/URL][/SPOILER]

[*][COLOR=#ff4d4d]follow the same steps as appealing an infraction, but the format is different. [/COLOR]
[*][COLOR=#ff4d4d]Fill in the subject the sort of recovery + your Forum/Ingame name. [/COLOR]

Example ;

Issue: [B]lost my Ingame password.[/B]
Username: [B]Zeven[/B]
IP Address: [B]my ip adress.[/B]
MAC Address: [B]my mac adress[/B]
Paypal Order ID (Donator only): [B]This is your paypal transaction referral, login to paypal and search for the transactions details of your last payed donation to Dreamscape. ( only if you donated )[/B]
Friends List: [B]List the players who you have in your friendliest, list as much as possible.[/B]
Stats: [B]account "normal" , all 99's except for agility.[/B]
Other unique things about your account: [B]I have an owner cape, 2 dreamween boots on bank .. I should be full geared in torva and I got 23T cash on my bank. the last time I logged out I was at Varrock.

[CENTER][B]Client loading screen got glitched.
[I]This error will occur less and less, that's because our Development team has fixed the problems with it.
but for anyone who do experiences this problem, please follow the next link.[/I]

[COLOR=#ff4d4d]Windows computers :[/COLOR]

[SIZE=4][B][URL='http://dreamscape317.net/forums/new/forums/guides.39/threads/deleting-your-old-cache-guide.11409/']Deleting your old cache Guide.[/URL][/B]

[COLOR=#ff4d4d]Mac computers :[/COLOR]

[B][URL='http://dreamscape317.net/forums/new/forums/guides.39/threads/mac-user-delete-your-old-cache-guide.11418/']MAC user, Delete your old cache Guide.[/URL][/B]

[COLOR=#ff4d4d]Submit a ticket If the problem still occurs after you have deleted and re-downloaded the client.[/COLOR]

[SPOILER="Problems with the client"][URL]http://support.dreamscape317.net/support/solutions/articles/6000024646-unable-to-connect-to-forums-ingame[/URL][/SPOILER][/SIZE]

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