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Deleting your old cache Guide. [Updated]

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This guide is focused on deleting your old cache.
We want the old one deleted to prevent the old cache interfering with the new one.

This means, you have to do this whenever this is a major update.

These are the steps to follow, follow the pictures.

Step 1; go to your C :: Drive

Step 2; Click on the Gateway (C: )

Step 3; Click on Users --> then click on your main user.

Step 4; Select your main user. (My mainuser is called Quiki) They're usually your computer's name.


Step 5; Select .ds_Cache



Step 6; Deleting your Cache! By selecting the .ds_Cache's file with right click of your mouse button. 

You'll get multiple options to select. You wanted to delete your cache, let's delete the cache.



After deleting, visit Play / download Dreamscape http://dreamscape317.net/play/
Everything should work fine as planned!


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Very helpful guide for anyone that needs this.
Easy steps to follow.
Well done.

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