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Diagnosing Client Issues

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[CENTER][B]These messages can appear on the loading bar or on the Login Box.[/B][/CENTER]

[SIZE=5][B]Requesting Title Screen (error in x many seconds):[/B][/SIZE]
Caused by a cache loading problem, the cache becomes corrupt. Delete the cache.
Search bar -> My computer -> C Drive -> Users -> Delete your .Dreamscape_Cache. Delete the client, and redownload it from the main Dreamscape page.

[SIZE=5][B]Error Connecting to Server:[/B][/SIZE]

Could not establish a connection to Dreamscape. Either because of the server being down, an issue with your internet connection, or you're banned from Dreamscape.

[SIZE=5][B]No Response/Unexpected Server Response:[/B][/SIZE]

The server has declined response from your IP/MAC Address.

[SIZE=5][B]Account Disabled:[/B][/SIZE]

The account you're trying to access has been banned.

[SIZE=5][B]Client Update:[/B][/SIZE]

The client is being updated. You will need to delete your client and redownload the most recent update being required from the main Dreamscape page.

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