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Update 149! HD DREAMSCAPE IS HERE! New Interfaces, Goodiebox Upgrade Chest, Box of Totems and MORE!

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It has been long awaited.... but Dreamscape HD is OFFICIALLY HERE!










Mac users with integrated GPU will see performance issues with OpenGL. (you may want to disable this option in settings)

Upon launch we may see some performance issues arise as we have only been able to test on our own personal software that may vary from yours, we will continue to work at a rapid pace to work through all OpenGL related bugs if they occur.









It was finally time to launch our new teleport interface! Here you can find a new organized list of our teleports and also introducing favorite teleports! Players may assign 3 teleports to their favorites for quick access, such as ::DB2, Dice Zone, and MORE!


Players may now quickly navigate to corresponding Dreamscape Wiki pages by clicking the scroll next to the teleport!
(Click the purple icon in the NPC Image to teleport)







Sick of grinding donator zones for battle pet totems?

Box of Totems is NOW AVAILABLE in the Dreamscape Store for purchase! 



60% Chance

Totem Of Luck (Level 1)

Totem of Fighter (Level 1)

Totem of Strength (Level 1)

Totem of Magic (Level 1)

Totem of Ranged (Level 1)


20% Chance

Totem Of Luck (Level 2)

Totem of Fighter (Level 2)

Totem of Strength (Level 2)

Totem of Magic (Level 2)

Totem of Ranged (Level 2)


15% Chance

Totem Of Luck (Level 3)

Totem of Fighter (Level 3)

Totem of Strength (Level 3)

Totem of Magic (Level 3)

Totem of Ranged (Level 3)


5% Chance

Totem Of Luck (Level 4)

Totem of Fighter (Level 4)

Totem of Strength (Level 4)

Totem of Magic (Level 4)

Totem of Ranged (Level 4)







Monday: Battlepets Will Receive Double Exp and 10% Increase to Finding Battlepet Totems.
Tuesday: 10% Drop Bonus at Avengers and DC Raid

Wednesday: 1.5x Arcade Points

Thursday: Pest Control Grants +2 Additional Points for Completion

Friday:  25% Drop Bonus at Theatre of Blood
Saturday: 5% Drop Rate and Double Drop Rate Increase
Sunday:  5% Raid Luck Increase








Executive Dragon Pet



Special Bonuses:

1 in 30 chance to receive double points

20% Drop rate in Executive Zone

10% Drop rate Outside of Executive Zone

Soulsplit Effect





Sponsor Dragon Pet



Special Bonuses:

1 in 50 chance to receive double points

15% Drop rate in Sponsor Zone

Soulsplit effect

No stats outside of Sponsor Zone







Players may now take their chances at upgrading their Goodieboxes at our BRAND NEW Goodiebox Upgrade Chest! 




Regular Goodiebox to a Goodiebox (10): 50% Success Rate

Goodiebox (10) to a Goodiebox (5): 33% Success Rate






🔥Adjusted Drop Table for Millennium Box 
🔥Adjusted HP Levels for all Yu-Gi-Oh Raid Difficulties

🔥Adjusted Drop Rates on Executive Pinata

🔥Adjusted Some Items' Tradability

🔥Adjusted Stackable Items List

🔥Made Some Text Changes to the POS Interface

🔥Allow Players to Click Usernames in POS to Access Direct Shops

🔥Removed Dialogue from Milestone NPC

🔥Addressed Some Issues With Timing on Lachrym Boss Mechanics 

🔥Addressed Timing Issue with ::boost

🔥Added a ::survey Command 

🔥Protect From All potion Added 

🔥Fixed Some Issues Regarding Community Admin Rank

🔥Fixed Object Placement in Dynamic Regions

🔥Fixed Component Models Rendering in Opengl

🔥Fixed Object Rotations in Software Mode

🔥Fixed Visual Transform for NPCs

🔥Added Particle Rendering for Opengl

🔥Fixed Invisible Message for Battlepets

🔥Fixed Trailing Spaces in Item Names

🔥Added More Bosses and Raids to ::mydrops

🔥Made ::roof Available for Everyone

🔥Adjusted Tax and Minimum Bet on Roulette Table

🔥Fixed The Daily Event for Arcades

🔥Fixed Another Hydra Message Spam

🔥Improved the Resizing of the Client and Switching Window Modes









Stat increase on Nocturnal Umbral

Stat Increase on Sweaty's Drip

Stat Increase on Act I's Plasma Cutter

Stat Increase on Sperm9000


If you do not see your customs here in this list, they are still W.I.P! 
However we will plan a quick update to include them SOON.
please reassure your customs are not forgotten! 





Blood Reaver


Technical Spectacle



Purple Nurple 



Peri's Platypus and Peri's Platypussy



MisfitKiid's Blasters



Ktrips Mumbo & Jumbo



Enchanted Warrior Set



Elemental Easter Staff



Customizable Among Us Pet

(Emperor's Upgrade Chest)








New BG Map Coming Soon!


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