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AFK patrol is dumb

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Have been grabbed by AFK patrol twice so far, both in instances in which i was not afk. First time was at dreamland, around dream 40-50, i suddenly got teleported to the afk jail without seeing any prior warning. Second time was while killing hydra, mid the flame attack on the third phase. In an attempt to talk to him and to not get jailed for no reason again, i tried talking to the guy (I didnt see him when i was patrolled in Dreamland), which resulted in me dying by the flames, which still got me jailed. So now i have the honour to waste my time mining tin ores for obviously not being afk (can't AFK dreamland/hydra, certainly not with my current gear).


I understand the desire for a system preventing people from afking pvm, however it seems really broken right now seeing how clickintensive some content like hydra and dreamland are and how it can still make the afk patrol spawn. Couldn't fnid anywhere to post a bug report, so im guessing this is the best i could do. 

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