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Wiki Editor Application

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Question 1) What is your In-game Username?

 1 A W

Question 2) What is your Discord Username/ID(example:Peripheral#5348)?


Question 3) What is your age?


Question 4) Have you ever been blocked from the wiki, or received any other infraction relating to DreamScape?


Question 5) What languages do you speak?


Question 6) Write a brief introduction about yourself.

 Hey guys my name is Law, I was born in Australia then moved to New Zealand when I was 10 and have stayed ever since. I enjoy playing games, sports and being a Weeb.

Although I have no prior experience in this field, I have the willingness to learn and to always better myself. I believe being a wiki editor will allow me to experience new things and explore a whole new avenue in computing.

Question 7) How many hours in a week do you think you can be available editing the wiki?

I can devote 5hrs+ to the wiki everyday

Question 😎What do you think are wiki editor responsibilities? Name at least three.

Keeping the wiki updated with quick, reliable and consistent information that is relevant to the current state of Dreamscape.

Keeping the wiki clean of any spam, vandalism or anything considered harmful.

Have the willingness to help others and making sure everyone is enjoying their time playing dreamscape


Question 9) If you were accepted as a Wiki Editor, do you think you would have more "power" than any other player or donator? Explain why.

No, being a wiki editor is voluntary position where you want to help others. There is no difference between a player, donator or a wiki editor. We all support and help each other.




Scenario 1 - Are there any mistakes in this picture? If so, tell us why and what you would do to improve it.


Crystal Helm is a mage item. It is also considered as a low to mid tier item.

Crystal Helm is not dropped by the Sea Troll Queen. It is However Dropped by Voldemort, Raiden, Trinity and King Kong VS Godzilla.

Does not provide an estimated price nor the combat stats of the crystal helm.

There are slight grammar mistakes.


Scenario 2 - You are shown an example of what a Hyperlink is, and how to use it. Your Manager asks you to fix this page so that it correctly links to the Sea Troll Queen page. Which picture is more correct? A) or B) or C)? And why?


Source Mode: (The way the page looks when you are editing)


Preview Mode: (What the page would look like upon publishing)


Published: (The page has been created)


 (B) Correctly links to the Sea Troll Queen Page. It is straight and simple. It’s not  A) because it does not link to the Sea Troll Queen page nor is it C) because although it does link to the Seal Troll Queen page, it contains random information that is not relevant to the current state of Dreamscape.

I would also link all Bosses with an Ice Katana Drop. 

Scenario 3 - You have to leave the Wiki temporarily for a few days/weeks. Who are you going to tell and where are you going to post it?

 Contact Wiki Manager on Forums via pm or Discord. Also, provide an explanation for my absence.


Scenario 4 - You are creating a page but you know you need to get off to get some sleep. So you save that page knowing it is not finished or that it has a bunch of mistakes. Is there anything you would do before you went to sleep?

I would create a backup file containing all the work I did and add notes for what needs to be done. This would allow me to wake up the next morning and immediately know what I have to work on because there are times when you are forgetful. Personally, I would never save unfinished work straight on to the wiki as it will likely create a spread of misinformation which creates unnecessary work for me and my peers. You can also save unfinished work onto the wiki and put “This page is still under construction” 


Scenario 5 - If someone in-game asked YOU, (who is now a Wiki Editor) a question that you didn't know and began calling you names like, "You should know this, you're a wiki editor", or "You're not a helper, keep quiet" or "Do your job already, the wiki isn't being updated", how would you respond?

 First, I would try to calm the person down by saying something along the lines of “Hey mate, I understand your frustration”. I will then explain that I made a mistake and it does happen, we can’t possibly get every question correct. We also have other responsibilities, we are human and not robots. I will answer questions to the best of my ability but if I am not confident, I will provide them alternatives. For example, I would guide them to someone who is more knowledgeable.

 Ignoring them is never a good option as it will create a stigma against wiki editors.


Scenario 6 - You see another wiki editor vandalizing the wiki. There are many things you can do. Name at least three.

 Close the page down to prevent further vandalism and to fix any damage that was done.

Inform Wiki Manager and other editors on the situation.

Contact the vandal and hear him/her out (Possibly wasn’t them).



Scenario 7 - One day a wiki editor that you've known for awhile asks you that they need your password in-game to borrow an item for the wiki. Choose the letters that you would do?


A) Give that Wiki Editor your password. Because why wouldn't you? They're your friend after all.

B) Ask them why? Then give them your password because they seem trustworthy.

C) Report them privately.

D) Don't report them, but say no.

E) Provide them alternative ways to get that item.

C) and E). you should never give or ask for private information regardless of who it is.


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