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Hey guys, My name is KingCyrus.. i am 26 years old with 2 kids and a soon to be wife.


I am been in and out of the RSPS scene for quite some time,  i was once known as Zulrak but come to acquire another alias. (aka DeadlyCyrus or KingCyrus).


I have done some work in the rsps scene when i was huge into graphics. i am currently out of commission as i had to sell my Designing PC for bills as i wasnt making enough or anything really off design's recently. so im limited to my Wifes laptop 😛 


i am a huge stoner.. Bong tokes and Dabs as we speak lol

Any fellow stoners still reside here?

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welcome to Dreamscape, hope you enjoy ur stay here please feel free to pm me in game or discord if you have any questions!

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