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DreamScape Update 145! New Years / Merry Christmas - Season pass - New Raid

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A strange man near the home center needs your help! Swing by and see if you're up for the job! 




It turns out Santa is the one that needs your help! He gives you his Magical Aether Key so you can go help one of his best Elf spies! 

The Elf Spy has lost her Aether key and needs your help locating it! Maybe it's somewhere in the Elven kingdom? 


Once you recover the Elf's Aether Key, return to her and use the key to bypass the magic barrier! 

After fighting the impostor, take the remains back to the Undercover Santa to receive your reward ❤️ 
Scavenger XP

Christmas Box 2020

Christmas Icon



This Quest is limited time only so act fast! 



Christmas Box! 

Drop table:

1 x 10-50 gold ds coin 

1 x Random Dream Potion

1 x GrandLottery Book

1 x Random Item from Drop Table

1 x Random Box 


Item Drop Table 

(NOTE: There are common rewards, this is only showing the rare drop table)

1 in 150

Cheer Hunter Helm

Cheer Hunter Body

Cheer Hunter Legs

Cheer Hunter Gloves

Cheer Hunter Boots

Cheer Hunter Cape

Perfect Enchantment Stone

Upgrade Protection Card

Potion of Aggression 

Christmas Sled






To dive into your own Yu-Gi-Oh battles talk to Yusie Fudo, east of the home teleport. 

He will take you and those in your clan chat to the arena to duel against some of the finest Trainers!

Battle your way through Joey Wheeler, Tea Gardener, Seta Kaiba, Weevil Underwood, and Yugi Moto along with their collection of NPCs! 






Completing the Yu-Gi-Oh raid grants access to Millennium Keys which can be used on the Yu-Gi-Oh box found at home. 

Yu-Gi-Oh Box Loot

1 gold DScoin Common

2x damage card  1 in 15

Millennium Scale 1 in 50

100,000 Karmic Kismets1 in 75

50 gold DScoin  1 in 300

Black Diamond Box 1 in 400

Diamond Bag  1 in 400

Barrel Dragon Pet (1 in 750

Dark Eyes Illusionist Pet 1 in 750

Time Wizard Pet 1 in 750

Millennium Circle 1 in 750

Millennium Eye 1 in 750

Millennium Puzzle 1 in 750

Wing Kuriboh Pet  1 in 1000

Dark Magician Girl Pet  1 in 2500

Blue Eyes White Dragon Pet 1 in 2500

Millennium Rod 1 in 3000 

Millennium Hat 1 in 3000

Millennium Robe Top 1 in 3000

Millennium Robe Bottom 1 in 3000

Drop Table: 

Easy Difficulty 


10-100k DS Coins (5021)


1 in 10:

1 x Millennium Key 


1 in 3000:

10 - 50 Gold DS Coins 

Dream Range Helmet

Dream Range Body

Dream Range Legs

Dream Mage Helmet

Dream Mage Body

Dream Mage Legs

Dream Helm

Dream Body

Dream Legs

Berserker Lvl3

Augury lvl 3

Mystic Lvl 3

Platinum Skin lvl 3

Fortune lvl 3

Fortunate Favour lvl 3


1 in 15,000

Winged Kuriboh Pet 

Barrel Dragon Pet 

Dark Eyes Illusionist Pet 

Time Wizard Pet 




Medium Difficulty


1 key

100-500k DS Coins 



2 Millenium keys



10 - 50 Gold DS Coins

Dream Range Helmet

Dream Range Body

Dream Range Legs

Dream Mage Helmet

Dream Mage Body

Dream Mage Legs

Dream Helm

Dream Body

Dream Legs

Berserker Lvl3

Augury lvl 3

Mystic Lvl 3

Platinum Skin lvl 3

Fortune lvl 3

Fortunate Favour lvl 3


1 in 8,000

Winged Kuriboh Pet 

Barrel Dragon Pet 

Dark Eyes Illusionist Pet

Time Wizard Pet




Hard Difficulty:


3x Millennium Keys

1 x Gold DScoin



5x Millennium keys



10 - 50 Gold DS Coins

Dream Range Helmet

Dream Range Body

Dream Range Legs

Dream Mage Helmet

Dream Mage Body

Dream Mage Legs

Dream Helm

Dream Body

Dream Legs

Berserker Lvl3

Augury lvl 3

Mystic Lvl 3

Platinum Skin lvl 3

Fortune lvl 3

Fortunate Favour lvl 3



Dark Magician Girl Pet 

Blue Eyes White Dragon Pet

Winged Kuriboh Pet 

Barrel Dragon Pet 

Dark Eyes Illusionist Pet 

Time Wizard Pet 

Millenium Hat

Millenium Robe Top

Millenium Robe Bottom

Millenium Rod



Millennium Rod

The Millennium Armor Set 


Millennium Circle
The Millennium Circle Necklace is created by combining the Millennium Eye, Millennium Puzzle and a Gold Chain. 
This necklace offers a large damage bonus when in Yu-Gi-Oh Raid! 





Are you short on cash and want a little boost? Check out the Mega Lottery Box!


Drop Table:


150K DS Coins - 1M DS Coins



1M DS Coins - 10M DS Coins



50M DS Coins - 150M DS Coins



500M DS Coins



1B - 2.5B DS Coins



5B DS Coins



With 500 new Tiers in Season II, this season is packed full of rewards! Including a brand new Dragon Armor Set! 

You can earn points from opening boxes, killing npcs, grinding items and more! Keep an eye out for the wiki page explaining all the ways to earn points! 

The Season Pass Ticket can be used to unlock additional rewards and tiers! 

You can also obtain Tier Skips or even a Double Point Card  to speed up that season progress! 





You may now auto grind a full inventory of items instead of painfully going one by one. 







The Ultimate Stone combines all the effects of the Black Diamond Box Stones!

By combining the following items you can create the Ultimate Stone: 

Stone of Redemption

Stone of Healing

Stone of Vengeance

Stone of Resurrection

Stone of Power

Ultimate Stone Card 


The Ultimate Stone:

Soulsplit effect (1 hp per attack)

Prayer restore effect

Resurrection effect 

Vengeance effect

1 in 10 chance at dealing 5x damage

10% Tribrid damage boost





Introducing the new Karma Pocket Slot Items! We decided we needed to wrap up and add an overall addition to Karma leading us to create 

Hammer of the gods

Axe of Revenge



These items will do the following:

50% damage as an extra hit

Increased drop rate on Xebos tickets, mimic entry, pet totems 

15% drop rate static

15% Tribrid Boost


These items can be found in the Karma store and are unlocked at 140 Karma! 





We have added the ability to enter hex codes to the items that have the color wheel!







Level 4 Totems will only be able to be added to Baby Yoda (b) and Shadow Pet (b)


Level 4 Totems will be created by using 2 of the same level 3 totem on each other and will have a 25% chance to be successfully upgraded.


Totem of Luck (Level 4) Will give 20% Drop rate, Double Drop Rate, and Luck. 


Totem of Magic (Level 4) will give 15% Magic Bonus


Totem of Range (Level 4) will give 15% Range Bonus


Totem of Strength (Level 4) will give 15% Melee Bonus


Totem of Fighter (Level 4) will boost damage of battle pet by 20%




We have added a host of items to the Black Market as well as making the items static so you can always see what can be sold! 
If you have ideas for more items to be added, make a suggestion and we will be glad to take it into consideration!





We have introduced designated planting areas! You and the person you are flower poker gambling against will be given a set lane to dice in! 






🔥Animation removed from opening many boxes

🔥Addressed issue with ::stuck command

🔥Added item stacking to many items

🔥Made weapon battle pass cumulative 

🔥Added Drygore offhand to Sarah's General Store

🔥Addressed an issue where players could be muted for 5oak

🔥Added new NPCs to the ::mydrops list 

🔥Changed NPC model for Donation boss

🔥Players that kill the world boss will now be granted a temporary Drop Rate Boost. 

🔥Added Countdown for Donation Boss

🔥Addressed an ID issue with an item in Ultra Pet Box

🔥Addressed an issue with Daily reward manager 

🔥Addressed an issue with requirements for Donation Boss

🔥Added a number of NPCs to My Drops 

🔥Addressed an issue with Pinatas
🔥Addressed an issue with Event Commands 

🔥Repositioned over 100 Inventory Icons












Fire Twist Decimator Stat increase
Sana's Aegyo Stat increase 

Will's Gunbai - 1 handed


If you do not see your customs here in this list, they are still W.I.P! 
However we will plan a quick update to include them SOON.
please reassure your customs are not forgotten! 


Custom items that are in progress:
Reaper Set





🔥Hercules 🔥


🔥Duel Twisted Bow 🔥




🔥Potato Cannon 🔥





🔥Nightcap Skull Descimator🔥


🔥Beaver Cleaver & Brimfrost 🔥




Sneak Peaks 




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