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1) my in-game usernames are: cyclohexane (my hardcore account) and onewideboy (normal account).

2) discord username is: One Wide Boy#1427

3) i am 22 of age.

4) i believe not.

5) My mother tongue is Dutch, but i speak English fluently, French not so fluently, but still decent.

6) Hello everyone, my name is Maxim and i'm currently studying chemistry at the university of Antwerp. My main hobby is ice skating,  playing video-games and reading. i've been playing dreamscape for a while now, and i want to help the server.

7) This can vary alot, since it depends on how much work i have for school.

😎 - Making sure information is correct 

- Making sure that the information on the wiki page is written in a good manner.

- Ensuring that the community is able to find the page, and retrieve as much information as possible

9) I don't a big possibility to help the server by donating, so i'd like to help with informing the community. I don't think being an editor is much different than being a donator.


scenario 1: 

- The crystal helm isn't one of the best range armours, it belongs to mage armours.

- It's not part of the best mage armours, i would say it belongs to the beginner to mid tier.

- there's no equiment stats in the page.

- there's no indication of what the price should be.


scenario 2: 

The only acceptable solutions are B or C, depending on how much extra information is "needed" in the wiki page. both B and C contain a clickable hyperlink to the Sea Troll Queen boss.


scenario 3:

i would post it on the forums, and i would inform the staff of my leave.

scenario 4:

make sure that either the current work in progress isn't published or that i would add that the page is not finished yet.

scenario 5: 

I would respond saying that i also have other responsabilities that i need to tend to. i can't do everything at once if i want to do it with quality.

I'm only human, and humans are known to make errors.

scenario 6: 

- Speak to the vandal about it, maybe they weren't responsible for it.

- Report it to the staff about the vandalization.

- i'm not sure what powers i would have, but maybe close the page in question down so that the vandal cannot damage it even more.

scenario 7:

I think the only options are C and E,  i would make sure that staff know about the "attempt" to get my password.


The second semester is alot more peaceful than the first one, so i would like to help, in the second semester (starting in february)

I have no previous expertise with HTML, but i would really like to learn how to write and practice it.


Thank you for your attention

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