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DreamScape Update 142! New Achievement System! Halloween Quest! and More!

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🎃Achievement System🎃

Everyone loves having a sense of accomplishment and our achievement system was outdated. We decided to start from the ground up, write 62 brand new achievement tasks, create a brand new prestige system and rework the shop rewards! The new system involves farming these tasks to prestige; each time you prestige you get a new cape with better stats! You can also add perks to your capes after you prestige. 


New Achievement Tasks: 


🧛 Easy Tasks:

Arcade novice - Reach wave 25 in normal arcade

Beginner Dancer - Use the dance emote

I voted! - redeem a ::vote code

Taking risks - Bust in Flower Poker

I'm Hungry - Eat 100 food items

Indecisive - Change your appearance at the Makeover Mage

Mysterious - open 100 Mystery boxes (6199)

Bruce Jenner - Change from male to Female

Penguin Massacre - Kill 1000 penguins

Born to Kill - Achieve 5000 NPC kills

Toddler - Deal a total of 100,000 damage

Whats FP stand for? - Win your first flower poker gamble

Am I lucky yet? - win your first dice duel

What is the Grinder? - Grind 1 item in the item grinder



🧛Medium Tasks:

Arcade Apprentice - Complete normal arcade

Harry Potter - Kill Voldemort 5 times,

RNG Apprentice - Receive a "rare" drop.

Average Killer - Achieve 10,000 NPC kills.

Bull in a China Shop - Deal a total of 5,000,000 damage.

Trivial Pursuit - Answer a trivia question

Trix up my Sleeve - Create a Trix amulet

Manual Labor - mine 250 Runite ore

Fire Starter - burn 250 logs

Political - redeem 10 ::vote codes

Toss it in the Grinder - Grinder 25 items in the item grinder




🧛Hard Tasks:

Chuck Norris- Deal a total of 250,000,000 damage

Trivia Master - Answer 5 Trivia Questions

Raiden's Rage - Kill Raiden 50 times. 

The Prime Evil. - Kill Diablo 50 times

Expelliarmus- Kill Voldemort 50 times

Mother of Dragons- Kill O.G. Dragon 50 times

Ace Vendura - Kill Vendura 50 times

Mage is no longer gray - Kill 20,000 Magegrays

No More Am'orth - Kill 20,000 Guardians of Am'orth

Olaf - Kill 20,000 Olaf 

Carnage - Achieve 100,000 NPC kills

High Score - Complete the Extreme arcade. 

The Speed of Light - Complete DC Raid in the Arcade

Running for mayor - redeem 50 ::vote codes

Bad Dream - Kill The Nightmare 50 times

Grinding Away - Grind 50 items in the item grinder




Slaughter House - Deal a total of 1,000,000,000 damage

Trivia god - Answer 15 Trivia Questions

Hades Killer - Kill Enraged Hades 50 Times.

Last Man Standing - Win in BattleGrounds 5 times

Revenge on Raiden - Kill Raiden 250 times

Captain Jack - Complete 20 Dream clue scrolls

Do you wanna kill a snowman? - Kill 50,000 Olaf

No More Amorth Please - Kill 50,000 Guardians of Am'orth

Witch Hunter- Kill 50,000 Magegrays

Atomic Bomb - Achieve 500,000 NPC kills

Hydrogen Bomb - Achieve 1,000,000 NPC kills

World Record - Complete Hell Arcade

Theatre Nerd - Complete 50 Theater of Blood Raids

The Chemist - Kill 250 Alchemical Hydra

Skotizo Killer- Kill 250 Skotizo

Politician - redeem 100 ::vote codes

High Roller - win 50 Dice Duels

Flower Power - win 50 Flower Power Gambles.

Living Nightmare - Kill The Nightmare 250 times.

Living the Dream - Complete all 100 waves of the Dreamland Minigame

Master Grinder - Grind 100 items in the item grinder


Completing a task in the following categories will grant the respective reward:

Easy - 50k DScoins

Medium - 250k DScoins

Hard - 1 Gold DScoins

Expert - 5 Gold DScoins




Achievement Cape Prestige 1


Achievement Cape Prestige 2 - 1 Perk slot



Achievement Cape Prestige 3 - 2 perk slots



Achievement Cape Prestige 4 - 3 perk slots



Achievement Cape Prestige 5 - 4 perk slots



New Achievement Shop


Items in the new store:

5% Drop Perk - 100 points 

5% Double Drop Perk - 100 Points

5% Luck Perk - 100 Points

5% Tribrid Damage Perk - 100 Points

Diamond Bag - 75 Points

Black Diamond Box - 75 Points

Achievement Top -  100 Points

Achievement Legs - 100 points

Achievement Icon - 100 Points 


1 Point is Obtained upon completion of each tasks.

25 Points are obtained upon each prestige. 







We are bringing a spooky Halloween event to DS!


A non-playable character needs your help clearing out some spooky visitors in his new home located north of Draynor village! Help him kill some spooky ghosts, go graverobbing for special items, and even travel to another dimension to kill the ferocious Werewolf leader!


This quest will keep you on your toes as you go progress towards the fearless Werewolf leader! And for all of you collectors out there, the werewolf has a secret drop table for you to farm away with! I have purposely left out the how to guide on how to complete the quest so you can enjoy the adventure! 


As you progress through the quest you will find a need for the Ectoplasmator and the Ghost Hunter Backpack (hint hint: you need to use 50 ectoplasm on the Ghost Hunter Backpack to progress) 


Players will also find themselves the new owner of a fancy Skull Pet! This pet can be filled using blood found from the Werewolf! 




The full version is full of blood and includes some juicy stats! 



Werewolf Skull Pet (Full)

Healing effect capped at 1hp

Prayer Restore effect at 1 prayer points per attack

10% Drop rate

10% Double Drop rate

10% Luck

10% damage boost to Melee, Range , Mage




Some of the amazing possible rewards include the Halloween Scythe and the Halloween icon! These will make amazing additions to any collection!



Players may even find themselves lucky enough to be the new owner of the elusive Chucky Doll! 



Chucky Doll Stats:

1 in 10 chance to do 2x damage

Healing effect capped at 1hp

Prayer Restore

10% increase in Melee, Range and Magic

20% Drop rate

10% luck

10% Double Drop rate


Chucky can even be made into a battle pet!




🧟Demonic Guardian🧟


We have heard your issues with Demonic Guardian. We have chosen to reduce the overall damage it does as well reducing the amount of acid puddles are produced. 

We have also addressed an issue where players would be attacked after the demon dies. 

We have addressed an issue where players would get stacked 4 hits at once. 







  • Added Color to Login Announcements to make them more noticeable. 
  • Fixed an issue with Vending Machine giving wrong reward
  • Addressed an issue with Ice Soul Taker not allowing the player to equip. 
  • Addressed an Issue with Sanguinesti Staff (i) attack speed. 
  • Addressed an issue with some doors/gates not working in skilling zone. 
  • Addressed an issue with Zulrah Spawning. 
  • Banned a user named Coldott
  • Addressed an issue with some items being named incorrectly in PoS. 
  • Addressed an incorrect item on the Sponsor Dragon Drop table
  • Addressed a typo in the automatic announcement system for bundles command 
  • Addressed an issue with elo protection cards time frame. 
  • Addressed an issue with the texture on Skull Descimator Battle Pass version
  • Lowered Grinder Coins for Vending Machine to 100m each. 








Custom item notes / changes

Sweaty's Drip AoE added. 

Swag's Gun Stats added. 

Swaggys Wings name change

Swagaton Cloak Stat change 




Custom Order Notes
If you do not see your customs here in this list, they are still W.I.P! 
However we will plan a quick update to include them SOON.
If you would like an update on your custom progress, please PM Adams on discord

New Custom Items! 


The Swaggy Icon



Will's Gunbai



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Love the addition of "Banned the user named Coldott"

Great work as always guys, keep up the good work!

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