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SEPTEMBER PLATINUM CRATE! Boxes, Keys, Battle Pass and more!

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As some of you may know, at the beginning of this year we started Dreamscape's Platinum Partnership!




One of the perks of being a part of this highly exclusive VIP club is a monthly loot box.


Today we release more details on the contents of this loot box!


As part of the platinum partnership, you will be eligible for monthly loot crates (equivalent of 12 total).

E.g. If you become eligible for the platinum partnership in March 2018, you will receive 12 loot crates from March 2018 until February 2019



Contents of SEPTEMBER Loot Crate 2020



Item 1

50x Nightmare Keys


Value : $300



Item 2

50 x Grinder Coins


Value : $300



Item 3

4 Upgrade Protection Scrolls


Value: $100



Item 4

10 x Shadow Pet Goodiebox


Value: $ 300


Item 5

5 x Diamond Bag


Value: $500


Item 6 

10 x Perfect Enchantment Stone


Value: $100


Item 7 

Weapon Battle Pass


Value: $100





Total Value:







Chuck and the Platinum Partnership Concierge team.


Note : Platinum Partners have the entire Month to collect their Crate. 

If Platinum Partner fails to collect their crate for the month, they cannot reclaim old crates.

Platinum Partner has to be ONLINE in game to claim their crate via the claim platinum crate command.

We will not add your items to your collection chest / bank. 

In the event that there is an issue where you cannot claim your platinum crate, please contact Adams to discuss if arrangements can be made)

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