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DreamScape Update 140.5! Nightmare Chest! Bug Fixes! Amulet of Blood (i)!

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In this Patch Notes thread we will be addressing issues and concerns in relation to the previous update as well as bug fixes and content changes as a result of the concerns. 

First, Why not a few Teasers to discuss what are working on?


  • The new donator rank is underway and will include a new zone and armor set ❤️ 
  • Executive and Sponsor reworks are underway! I know we've been neglecting you.
  • A new type of global boss will be making an appearance soon.  
  • Some new upgrades for both mid game and end game may be peaking through soon :) 






We recently unified the code which resulted in a large damage reduction for most end game players. This was the result of a change from part exponential, part linear system to a single, unified, linear system. This will allow players to better understand how the damage additions work by simply adding an additional % to the base damage number that is calculated from your overall stats. However, this change made undeniable changes to content difficulty. In response to this change, a host of end game items stats and bonuses were edited as seen below. 

New Damage Bonuses*
+20% - ultimate tribrid boots 
+20% - ultimate tribrid glove 
+20% - ferocious gloves 
+30% - shadow pet (up from 20%) 
+10% - Baby Yoda pet 
+40% - emp ring (up from 30%) 
+40% - emp neck (up from 30%) 
+60% - emp ring (i) (up from 40%) 
+60% - emp neck (i) (up from 40%) 
+30% - infinity aura (up from 15%) 
+30% - hades pet (up from 20%) 
+30% - Purple Dragon 
+10% - inferno tribrid cape
+10% - Skotizo Cape 
+30% - Superior Platinum T2 set
+10% - Space boxing Gloves 
+10% - Quantom Boots 
+15% - ultron pet 
+5% - trix amulet (i)
+5%- trix amulet (+) 
+10% - Thanos Pet 


*These stats are subject to change as we monitor live server results of these changes.  This could result in nerfs or buffs as needed.  Items may be added/removed as we advance in the near future. 







There were some issues that presented itself after the nightmare boss went live, and we want to let you know we are listening to all of those bug reports! 



We have removed the daily kill cap from Nightmare.

We have made nightmare coins tradeable. 

We have changed the Values in the shop to correspond to these changes.


New Shop Prices: 

Nightmare Staff  - 15,000 nightmare coins
Volatile Orb - 75,000 nightmare coins
Harmonised Orb - 60,000 nightmare coins
Eldritch Orb - 50,000 nightmare coins
Nightmare Scroll - 60,000 nightmare coins
Little Nightmare - 75,000 nightmare coins

Nightmare Key - 100 nightmare coins



Nightmare Chest 

Players may now opt to purchase Nightmare Keys from Shura for a chance to win the Nightmare exclusive drops! 

The Nightmare Keys are worth 100 nightmare coins each!



These Keys can then be used on the Nightmare Chest located beside Shura. 




This chest will have the following rewards: 

(The rates on the items are reflections of the new prices in Shura's store translated to the cost of keys.) 

1 gold dscoin - common

2x damage card - 1 in 15

100,000 Karmic Kismets - 1 in 20

Kismet Box - 1 in 50

Black Diamond Box - 1 in 100

Diamond Bag - 1 in 100

Nightmare Staff - 1 in 150

Eldritch Orb - 1 in 500

Nightmare Scroll - 1 in 600

Harmonized Orb - 1 in 600

Volatile Orb - 1 in 750

Little Nightmare - 1 in 750


Here is an example of loot from 2,000 Keys!  (200,000 tokens!) 


Time to test your luck with the chest! 





Amulet of Blood (i)


We noticed the mid-game needed a new necklace so we created the Amulet of Blood (i)! 


This is created via upgrading the amulet of blood in the upgrade chest at ::upgrade



The Amulet of Blood (i) has amazing stats! 

It also has a 5% boost to upgrading items and a 5% increase in drop rate from soul chest! 






Patch Notes


  • Addressed an issue where hydra would permanently stun players 
  • Addressed an issue where Baby Yoda's 5x damage would not proc. 
  • Addressed an issue where players could claim a rank below their current rank.
  • Lowered the vote requirement for Daily tasks from 4 votes to 3 to reflect our voting system 
  • Removed Nightmare Kill Cap
  • Made Nightmare Coins tradeable
  • Addressed an issue with the Weapon Battle Pass challenges. 
  • Addressed an issue with Nightmare Drops not announcing to server
  • Addressed an issue where players could not yell in nightmare
  • Addressed an issue with 2x damage cards not scaling correctly
  • Addressed an issue with the server-wide 15% damage boost not scaling correctly 
  • Addressed an issue with players not being able to create parties for nightmare. 
  • Addressed an issue where players could not claim the daily reward. 






Custom item notes / changes



Radaomin's Custom Set

Stat Increase 



Custom Order Notes
If you do not see your customs here in this list, they are still W.I.P! 
However we will plan a quick update to include them SOON.
please reassure your customs are not forgotten! 




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