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Dreamscape Update 140! NIGHTMARE BOSS, Weapon BATTLE PASS, revamps and more!

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The Nightmare Boss we all know and love with a slight twist of HP and Loot! 

The mechanics are almost identical to the original boss! This will be a large benefit those that have put in hours against Nightmare in the past and will serve as a new challenge to newcomers! 



How to get There? 

::bosses or the bosses button in teleport menu



You can chose private party which requires players to be in the same clan chat and to type the clan leaders name to join the boss instance, or you can select public party which mean any player can type the leaders name to join in!  Players will have 30 seconds to type the player's name and join before the fight begins. 


Players will find this fight will be quite difficult without a group, so grab your friends and get to grinding! 



The Nightmare boss Drops Nightmare Coins which can be used in the shop! This guarantees those that grind will eventually get those top tier loots. Talk to Shura outside of the Nightmare Boss area to access the store.

Shop Prices: 

Nightmare staff: 5k Nightmare Coins

Eldrich Orb 10k Nightmare Coins

Harmonized Orb: 12k Nightmare Coins

Volatile Orb: 15k Nightmare Coins

Nightmare Scroll: 10 Nightmare Coins

Little Nightmare: 10k Nightmare Coins



Drop Table:

(Disclaimer: These drop rates are higher than most bosses, however we are implementing a hidden drop rate increase for group events so this will average out when players are in larger groups together. )


1 Gold DS coin

5 Nightmare Coins



Common - 1 in 200

Ultra Mystery Box

Tactical Box

Dynamic Box 

10 Gold DS Coins

10 Crystal Key + 


Uncommon - 1 in 1000

Glacier Staff

Sword of Protectorate

Golden Minigun

Trix Amulet (+)

Ultra Mystery Box

Tactical Box

Dynamic Box

10 Gold DS Coins


Rare - 1 in 3000

2 Ultra Mystery Boxes

2 Tactical Boxes

2 Dynamic Boxes

1 AK-47 Asiimov

1 AWP Asiimov

1 M4A4 Asiimov

Dream Helm

Dream Body

Dream Legs

20 Gold DS Coins

5 2x Damage Cards

2 Donator Tickets


Very Rare - 1 in 7000

5 Ultra Mystery Boxes

5 Tactical Boxes

50 Gold DS coins

10 Donator Tickets

10 2x Damage Cards


Unique Drops

(These Drops are very high but also avaible via the Nightmare Store)

Nightmare Staff - 1 in 10k

Volatile Orb - 1 in 20k

Harmonized Orb - 1 in 12k

Eldritch Orb - 1 in 10k

Nightmare Scroll - 1 in 20k 

Little Nightmare - 1 in 30k 




The Inquisitor's Armor Set is created by using the Nightmare Scroll on a piece of Justiciar Armor.

This Set includes a unique bonus that will increase your max hit by 10k! 




The Inquisitor's Mace is created by using a Nightmare Scroll on the Ghrazi Rapier. 

Healing: 0

AoE: 3x3

Damage: a lot 




The Nightmare Staff can be combined with one of the respective orbs to make the following Staves!

Harmonized Nightmare Staff

Healing: 2hp per hit.

AoE: 3x3



Eldritch Nightmare Staff

Healing: 2hp per hit.

AoE: 9x9



Volatile Nightmare Staff

Healing: 2hp per hit.

AoE: 9x9



Little Nightmare Pet

Drop rate : 20%

Double Drop rate: 20%

Luck: 20%

30% bonus damage to The Nightmare ONLY








Weapon Battle Pass


The Weapon Battle Pass can be used on a variety of end game weapons! This will open a tier system for the weapon allowing you to complete a series of tasks to advance to the next tier. 



This pass can be used on the following weapons:

Scythe of Vitur 

Dragon Hunter Lance 

Descimator9000 *

Skull Descimator9000 *

Sanguinesti Staff

Volatile Nightmare Staff

Eldrich Nightmare Staff

Harmonized Nightmare Staff

+ the system will be added to as more weapons are released. 

(If you have suggestions on weapons to add, feel free to make a suggestion on the forum or sent them to me on discord!)


*When a descimator main-hand reaches tier 5 and tier 10 the player will receive a Texture card to use on the matching offhand so the weapons will remain matching! 


WARNING! Due to the item changing IDs, enchantments will be lost. It is highly recommended you disenchant your items! 




Right clicking and selecting customize will open the following screen where you can see your active challenges and perks. 



Players may also purchase a Weapon Battle Pass Skip card from the store if grinding isn't your thing. 

The skip card can only be used for tiers 1-9, tier 10 has to be grinded for those juicy rewards! ❤️ 



Tier System: 

NOTE: perks are replaced by the new tier. They are not added from previous


TIER 1: In order to advance from Base weapon to Tier 1 you need to complete the following tasks with that weapon:

  • 50,000 NPC kills with this weapon. 

Tier 1 Perks:

  • 2% damage boost when using the weapon

TIER 2: In order to advance to Tier 2 you need to complete the following with that weapon:

  • 100,000 NPC kills with this weapon

Tier 2 Perks:

  • 4 % damage boost 


TIER 3: In order to advance to Tier 3 you need to complete the following with that weapon:

  • 250,000 NPC kills with this weapon

Tier 3 Perks:

  • 6% damage boost


TIER 4: In order to advance to Tier 4 you need to complete the following with that weapon:

  • 500,000 npc kills with this weapon. 

Tier 4 Perks:

  • 8% damage boost


TIER 5: In order to advance to Tier 5 you need to complete the following with that weapon:

  • 750,000 npc kills with this weapon. 
  • 500 diablo kills
  • 500 o g dragon kills 
  • 500 voldemort kills
  • 500 vendura kills
  • 50 Enraged Hades

Tier 5 Perks:

  • 10% damage boost
  • New texture - smokey texture
  • +5% Drop rate ( in addition to what the weapon had before hand) 



TIER 6: In order to advance to Tier 6 you need to complete the following with that weapon:

  • 1,000,000 npc kills with this weapon. 

Tier 6 Perks:

  • 12% damage boost
  • Smokey texture
  • +5% Drop rate 


TIER 7: In order to advance to Tier 7 you need to complete the following with that weapon:

  • 1,250,000 npc kills with this weapon. 

Tier 7 Perks:

  • 14% damage boost
  • Smokey texture
  • +5% Drop rate 


TIER 8: In order to advance to Tier 8 you need to complete the following with that weapon:

  • 1,500,000 npc kills with this weapon. 

Tier 8 Perks:

  • 16% damage boost
  • Smokey texture
  • +5% Drop rate 


TIER 9: In order to advance to Tier 9 you need to complete the following with that weapon:

  • 2,000,000 npc kills with this weapon. 

Tier 9 Perks:

  • 18% damage boost
  • Smokey texture
  • +5% Drop rate 


TIER 10: In order to advance to Tier 10 you need to complete the following with that weapon:

  • 2,500,000 npc kills with this weapon. 
  • 100 Enraged Hades Kills
  • 1000 Alchemical Hydra Kills
  • 500 ToB completions
  • 1000 DC Arcade completions
  • 1 Hell arcade completion

Tier 10 Perks:

  • New texture - Galaxy
  • 25% bonus damage
  • +10Dr +10DDR +5% luck (in addition to any the weapon had before hand) 





The first player to receive a Tier 10 (bp) weapon will receive a $500 Store Credit Voucher!*

Winner: ?????


*can be redeemed for custom scroll if the player has an active order or can be used for store credit.

Deals will not apply. 





Upgrade Protection!



We heard your complains about the pet upgrade system, so we created the Upgrade Protection Card! You can use this card to protect your items on your next upgrade! This works on both the Pet Master upgrades as well as the Emperor Upgrade Chest Items. Simply use the scroll, start the upgrade and select the option to confirm using your scroll. 




When you go to upgrade an pet or item in emperor upgrade chest you will be given the option to use the protection, as seen below. 


Once the protection has been used, you will be notified in the chat box. 



This allows players to upgrade without the risk of failing! ❤️ 








With the addition of battle pets, it's even more important to get your hands on those end game pets, so why not add in another way you obtain the highly sought after Shadow Pet! This goodiebox will add another variation of ways to get the beloved Shadow Pet.


(PS. this took 17 tries to get this in a clip lol)




Equipment Screen


It's so easy to lose track of what items have the juicy damage bonuses and it's hard to keep track of how all of that adds up.  We made some changes to the equipment screen to make it easier for our players to see what bonuses they have in real time as they change their equipment out. You will now see attack style bonuses as well as DR, DDR, and luck in the equipment screen! 











There is still amazing potential for the Star Wars raid we all know and love! To help bring this back to life, we decided to make some changes. We buffed the Beskar sets to make them much more viable and sought after. 

We have removed the damage cap in Hell mode and vastly buffed the health. The End-Game Mandalorian now has 100m health! Grab a group and go! 


Beskar Set (uncharged)


Beskar Set (Charged) 








Scavenger Pet


We have introduced the Scavenger pet! This pet is able to be obtained via opening boxes! 


The following boxes will have a 1 in 100 chance to drop the Scavenger pet:



Black diamond box

Diamond Bag

Royal Luxe Box

Kismet Box

5th Anniversary Box


The following boxes will have a 1 in 2500 chance to drop the Scavenger Pet:

Lottery Box

Box of Wealth

Box of Wisdom

Super Mystery Box

Dynamic Box

Omega Box

Invictus Box

Dream Mystery Box

The Tactical Box

Pet Mystery Box

Royal Mystery Box 



Pet Stats: 

DR: 25%

DDR: 25%

Luck: 25%














The Daily Reward system will reward active players in DS by giving additional rewards to players that are active for 60 minutes and have voted in the last 24 hours! Just an extra way to say thank you for being an active member of the DS community! ❤️ 










Introducing the new Weekly Boss system! 

Typing ::weeklyboss will allow the player to see what boss has been set for the week!


These bosses will have slightly better drop rates!
The top three players with the most kills of the specified boss at the end of the week can claim exclusive rewards! 
You can check your standing by typing ::topweeklyboss








Daily Events are shown in the information tab along side the players Drop Rate %. 



Sunday:   +5% Raid Luck Boost

Monday:   +25% Slayer Points

Tuesday: +10% Arcade Bonus Luck for Avengers and DC drops 

Wednesday: 1.5x Arcade Points 

Thursday:  10% additional Skill points - NOT YET ACTIVE

Friday : 25% increase in Theatre of Blood loot

Saturday: +5% DR % DDR 






The Superior Platinum Armor needed some love so we gave it a new tier! 

You can now upgrade the Superior Platinum Tier 1 set to Tier 2 by using 1m Platinum tokens on each piece.  




The set can then be charged by using platinum tokens on it again. 

100k tokens = 5k charges

a charge is depleted each time your character is hit. 


Uncharged Set



Charged Set









Black Jack tables are back and viable for some of our bigger gamblers! 

The regular black table now allows bets up to 300m for the host! 
The Lava Black Table allows bets up to 1b! 
(Bets are now made with Gold DS coins in the players inventory) 




New Goodiebag Islands! 


We know how much you love goodiebag islands, so we updated their appearance so it's actually fit for a beautiful donator like you!


We also added in new variations! We now have a 20 chest island and even a 10 chest island for special deals! 






Our lovely staff has already reworked the islands and they are awaiting your arrival! 





Everyone loves emojis so why not add them to DS? ❤️ We've started with the folloing three and there are more to come! ❤️ 


[monka] =  012ed2f86a73845eb7b0eed067d0c4fa.png


[lol] = 3b3c7aed93303f0b7f266b45f1bcd7cb.png


[pog] =  68e9978e5b773a12615d87683b5d11b9.png









  • 2x Damage Cards now have a timer
  • Item Grinder Additions 
    • Ikkle Hydra - 250m
    • Descimator9000  - 450m
    • Descimator9000 offhand - 450m
    • Platinum Skin aura - 50m
    • Brimstone Ring - 100m 
  • Royal Mystery Boxes made untradeable 
  • Infinity Aura Model Changed to be more distinguishable 
  • Fixed food issue in BattleGrounds
  • Fixed Null items in BattleGrounds
  • Added Bonfire to ::skilling island 
  • Fixed Dreamon respawn time
  • When upgrading pets, if the upgrade fails, players will only lose 1 pet. 
  • Emperor necklace restore drop rate fixed
  • Infinity key announcement color changes
  • Some npcs are now not affected by aggression potions
  • Customizable options are now able to be reset to original color in the customize screen
  • Players are now sent home if they log out/dc inside of Progression Zones
  • Enchantment Stones can now be upgraded at a 5% rate!
  • Addressed an issue with lending pets 
  • Addressed a small bug with POS tax system being inconsistent 















Custom item notes / changes

Swagaton Boot Visual Fix

Sweatyb Gloves Visual Fix 

Zamp's BFG9000 Drop rate % increased. 

Bamboozled Descimator Bonuses Added

God Slayer made tradeable 

Just a Gun made tradeable


Custom Order Notes
If you do not see your customs here in this list, they are still W.I.P! 
However we will plan a quick update to include them SOON.
Please reassure your customs are not forgotten! 

If you have questions regarding your custom set, please PM Adams or the admin that handled your order directly. 

New Custom Items! 

PlagueDoc's custom Plague Doctor Set!



Radasomin's Custom Set

Poseidon Set 

Now Available on the Store



Athena Set
Keep an eye out for this one soon ;) maybe its a sneak peak of what may come?


Hades Skull Set 

New Bundle Item


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The Inquisitor's Armor Set is created by using the Nightmare Scroll on a piece of Justiciar Armor.

This Set includes a unique bonus that will increase your max hit by 10k! 


10k? or 10%?

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