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royal m box and royal luxe box

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For revamps
What's the current issue?

the issue is royal mystery box and royal luxe box  is the same as super mystery box.
What's your suggested way of fixing it?

my suggestions is to change the colour of the box 
How will this benefit player/server?

New players who maybe have the money and wanna try invest in the royal mystery box but end up getting scammed by being traded a super mystery box
How could this be expanded in future?

This will make it easier for people to know the difference and since it will help people out from the start i dont think it will need to have an extension further on in the future
What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered)

The negative effect of this is because player could scam others player thinking it the royal box but it's  super mystery box 

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