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Dreamscape Update 139! Battle Pets! REVAMPED PLAT ZONE! ELO Protection and more!

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Pets has always been a thing in every RSPS, however we have decided to take it up to another level! 

in this patch, we are releasing battle pets! a major content based off pets which combat stats and more!

Scroll down below to find out more about them with various other new content! 






Have you always wished for your pets to help you in your DPS? attacking along side you while looking cool and good?
Battle pets is finally here in Dreamscape! 


What is a Battle Pet?
It’s a Pet that will assist players in combat while providing bonus DPS to their arsenal and giving them bonuses like a regular pet

List of Battle Pets available based on GRADES

Different grades - Different stats

C Grade Pets 
Phoenix egg 
Mystery Box Pet
Knuckles Pet
Shadow King Pet
Steroid Penguin Jr
Optimus Prime Pet 
Grimlock Pet 
Pikachu Pet


B Grade Pets 
Chaos Elemental Pet
Turkey Pet
Pacman Jr 
Necromancer Jr 
Groudon Pet 
Crash Bandicoot Pet


A Grade Pets 
Corporeal Beast Pet
Diablo Jr 
Enraged Chaos elemental Pet 
Lava Groudon 
Sexy Alexa Pet 


S Grade Pets
Vorki pet 
Thanos Pet 
Helicopter Pet 
Hades Pet 
Lava Strykewyrm Pet
Platinum Dragon pet 
Puffer Fish Pet
Skotizo Pet 


SS Grade Pets 
Baby Yoda Pet 


SSS Grade Pets 
Shadow Pet


Where do you start?
Head over to ::home and look for Pet Master Pete



Creating a Battle Pet

You will require 2 of the same pet to be combined into a Battle Pet.

There are different success rates of upgrading.

Battle Pets are UNTRADABLE






Once you have crafted your First Battle pet, they will start at level 1

These Battle Pets can be level'ed with various combat and it works like a skill, the more your pet attacks, the more your pet's exp gain will be. The higher level your pet gets, the more damage it can deal. ( this varies with Grade of the pet as well )




You can equip NEW totems that are globally dropped by all NPCs in Dreamscape 

These Totems gives damages boost to your player, there are cosmetic totems as well

you can customize your pet's name and manage the totem via summoning the pet out and right click > customize


There are many kind of totems you can equip on your battle pet, however you will have to level up the Battle pet first to unlock more slots.

Level 1 - 1 slot
Level 40 - 2 slots
Level 70 - 3 Slots
Level 99 - 4 Slots 

Totems are untradable

This slots will be opened for Cosmetic totems or even stats boosting totems.



Totem dropped globally are only level 1, you can upgrade the totem by using the same totem level on another

to get level 2.


Example of a Blue Glow Totem



Example of Green Glow Totem



Example of Yellow glow Totem



You can even customize your battle pets name! 



You can add totem to your pet for extra stats! 




Tons of customization available for players! 


May the first person to achieve a Grade S, SS and SSS Pet to LEVEL 99 each having their own category 

Names will be updated on this post if a winner has won the prize!

FIRST PERSON to post their achievement on the FORUM and DISCORD

by TAGGING me/Adams on Discord with their screenshot image with time and date

will win a prize! 

Prize list.

FIRST GRADE S PET LEVEL 99:  $50 in custom scroll*

Winner :    @codebad

FIRST GRADE SS PET LEVEL 99:  $200 in custom scroll*

Winner :    @Blood Nurse
FIRST GRADE SSS PET LEVEL 99:  $500 in custom scroll*

Winner :    @Blood Nurse


Terms and Condition

1. Bug abusers / exploits  will be punished and disqualified from this competition

2. Players may not afk level their pets

3.  Custom scrolls won are to be claimed on the day of receiving ( store purchase or custom upgrades only )

4. We reserve the rights to cancel the competition without compensations

5.  Any Admin decision is final


Good luck dreamers!







We are bringing in this system to combat any Botters / Auto clickers 

This will make sure that item values will be retained.


In the event you fail the system, you will be jailed.


It will be an automatic jailing system that will require you to mine 150 tin ore and give it to the Jailer in order to be unjailed. There will be a bronze pickaxe on the ground so you can get to work earning your freedom! 






It's time to introduce the brand new platinum zone! 
Our platinum partners needed a nice refresher to their private zone so we had a whole new area made just for them! 


The shops are now located just near the spawn!


The new npc zone for our lovely platinum partners ❤️ 





We have added in new elo protection items! 

These items can be used to add extra time to your elo timer allowing you to take extra time without worrying about losing that precious elo! 

This is now available in three different tiers in our DreamScape Store: 

1 Day Elo Card

3 Day Elo Card

7 Day Elo Card







Fixed Enraged Hades drop issues

Fixed Realms issues not accounting for daily elo task

Fixed Demonic Guardian attacking after it dies

Fixed issues with lending function for events

Fixed Stats on Apocalypse bow from bundle 

Dreamon respawn rate adjusted. 

Fixed issue with platinum boss

Fixed Check charges button on Sanguinesti staff

Fixed issues with Progression Zones/Realms

Added a check so players cannot go into completed realms
















Custom item notes / changes

Swagaton's Boot Fix
Swagaton's BFG stat upgrade
Extra xtra stat upgrade

Fixed Garfield's shield equipping incorrectly

Huntir's Glaive Stat upgrade


Custom Order Notes
If you do not see your customs here in this list, they are still W.I.P! 
However we will plan a quick update to include them SOON.
please reassure your customs are not forgotten! 

New Custom Items! 

Willy's Exotic Robes


Big Willy and Little Willy



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So tiny update... but great job job, devs imo!

Still waiting for something new for sponsors or executives.

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