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7/11/20 hotfix patch notes

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Changed Player Own Shops to show full value of price instead


Fixed Arcade being non multi

Fixed a rare error of regular Arcade instances

Fixed platinum boss attacking issue

Fixed Platinum partner’s vortex prayer bug
Fixed Platinum Zone’s groudon issue

Fixed New platinum prayer, now giving the correct boost of stats

Fixed Skilling Island Clipping isse

Fixed multiple errors with daily task reward 

Fixed expert daily task reward 

Fixed Clue Scroll rewards giving incorrect items

Fixed Raiden raid drop rate value

Fixed skilling island - fishing pier

Fixed challenge event issues 

Fixed Theatre of Blood point 

Fixed a MAJOR BUG with Theatre of Blood Shop 

Fixed Ghrazi Rapier’s area of Attack 

Fixed Grinder giving incorrect value with platinum dragon pet

Fixed Hydra Pet Right Click only

Fixed ::drops item name errors

Fixed ::elo, all donator ranks across will have only 150 NPC kill counts per 24 hours instead of 1000 NPC kill count. 

Corrected Dream Range set bonuses, it should now have the proper stats instead






Always wanted to AFK combat?

Potion of Aggression is the Solution for you! 
This new item will only be available via the WEBSTORE


Potion in action! 









Custom Donation

Garfield USP




Platinum Crate 

Smokey Emperor's Set






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