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hoax 19

ELO Protection

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What's the current issue? A lot of players have jobs that might require them to go on a buisness trip or get called in randomly making it impossible for them to keep ELO every day, and if a player goes on holiday for more then a day, or camping and cant get to internet/computer, he will lose his ELO.

What's your suggested way of fixing it? Add a donation to be able to have ELO protection for few days, so like $5 for 3 day of protection and it would only go off if they didn't do the required ELO kills for one day.
How will this benefit player/server? The server could make a lot of donations from players with high ELO that want to go on vacation for a week, 6 days would be $10 in protection fees, and the player would be able to keep his ELO. Also if it costs donations and people are doing it frequently they might say "hmm, ill get plat to not pay any more protection fees."
How could this be expanded in future? Wouldn't really need to be, maybe with every $100 you could get a free protection period.
What negative effect could this have? I don't really see a negative, maybe would take away from the exclusiveness of the protection that plats have.

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