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Dreamscape Update 137! Alchemical Hydra! Raids Update and Grinder and many other improvements!

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It has been a long while since we have released an update! However it is FINALLY HERE! 

This update we are focus on tackling 2 issues, Raids 1 - 5 and The all new boss, Alchemical Hydra

plus a ton of Quality of Life improvements! 

Without further ado, lets get started by showcasing them all below !






Alchemical Hydra with a slight twist of custom HP and loots! 

Mechanics are close to 1:1 to the original which is what some players have always look for when dealing with Bosses, unique mechanics that will challenge your maneuverability and quick thinking! 


How to get there?

::bosses > Bottom of the list


There is an NPC called " Death " 
you can claim your items from him in the event you have died in the instance.



Hydra's Room is actually instanced! you will never have to worry about people snatching your kill! 

Note, Alchemical Hydra is capped at 30,000 Damage
this is to protect the content from being abused by killing it in 7seconds.

with the damage cap, players with the best gears 1minute 15seconds to 2minutes


If you managed to get a Hydra Claw
you can purchase a Dragon Hunter Lance here!





















Introducing the all new ROYAL MYSTERY BOX

This Box will only be available on the WEBSTORE


Just imagine everything you possibly want in a box! 

End game items! Cool Collectibles and many more! 


10,000 Royal Mystery Box Opened 


There's a unique thing about this box! 

Thinking of trying your luck out? ever wanted to WIN MORE? 

you can attempt to UPGRADE your BOX! 

Upgrade them via the EMPEROR'S UPGRADE CHEST

1 in 3 Chance to get it upgraded! 
Emperor's Necklace's Hour Glass effect can help you save some attempts! 

*picture is for illustration purposes only, end product visuals may look different"



10,000 Royal Luxe Mystery Box Opened


Royal Luxe Mystery Box will only pull items from 1 in 80 and above


Royal Mystery Box
1 in 25
Minigun Penguin Staff (u) 1 x Gold DS coin
Blizzard Staff Blizzard Virtus Mask Blizzard Virtus Top
Blizzard Virtus Bottom Blizard Spirit Shield Trix Helm
Trix Body Trix Legs Collector’s necklace
1 in 50
Soulflare X Demon Minigun Golden Minigun
Aqua Spirit Shield Space Spirit Shield Inferno Spirit Shield
AWP Asiimov 5 x Gold DS coins Castiel Katana
1 in 65
Electronic Katana Ultimate Dream Katana Khione Staff
Infinity Gauntlet Necromancer Jr Space Boxing Gloves
1 in 80
Devious Helmet Devious Body Devious Legs
Crystal Helmet Crystal Body Crystal Legs
20 x Gold DS coins Diablo Jr  
1 in 100
Eternal Crystal Helmet Eternal Crystal Body Eternal Crystal Legs
AK-47 Asiimov 2 x Perfect Enchantment Stone Avery’s Ring
Avery Ring (i) Crystal Set Devious Set
Emperor’s Set Helicopter Pet  
1 in 150
Fire Hazard AK Fortune lvl3 Lucky Stars lvl 3
Augury lvl3 Mystic Lvl3 Berserker lvl3
Trinity Lvl3 Godsend lvl3 Fortunate Favour lvl3
Eternal Khione Staff    
1 in 250
Dream Helmet Dream Body Dream Legs
Dream Helmet (Blood) Dream Body(Blood) Dream Legs(Blood)
Dream Mage Helmet Dream Mage Body Dream Mage Legs
Thanos Pet    
1 in 512
Dream Range Set Dream Melee Set Dream Mage Set
BFG9000 BFG9000 offhand Icy Sled
Black Sled Inferno Sled Space Sled
Lava Sled 100 x Gold DS coins Ultron Pet
1 in 1500
Infinity Gauntlets Charged 250 x Gold DS coins Scythe of Virtue
Sanguinesti Staff Muskateer Hat Muskateer Body
Muskateer Legs    
1 in 2500
500 x Gold DS coins Emperor’s Ring Emperor’s Necklace






Item Grinder is here to solve all your duplicates of item that just can't seem to sell!

Item grinder will take majority of your unwanted items, Gambling wins ( that can't sell ) and many more!

trade them in the Grinder for DS Coins! 

You stand a chance to win some GRINDER Coins from grinding your items

Which you can use to attempt on the Vending Machine to win some COOL CUSTOMS, Cash and much much more!

You don't feel like grinding your item? you can purchase a Grinder Coin directly from the Vending machine for 500m DS coins


Vending Machine and Grinder is located at ::home Near the Giant Tree Entrance


Players can use their items on the Grinder to receive their DS coins and a Chance to get a GRINDER Coin.

If your item value is lower than 100m, you will not roll for a chance, to get a grinder coin




Grinder List

Emperor’s Ring --------------------------- 600m
Emperor’s Necklace--------------------- 1000m
Dream Range Set ------------------------ 150m
Dream Melee Set ------------------------- 150m
Dream Mage Set --------------------------- 150m
Sponsor Ticket ------------------------- 150m
Avery Ring ---------------------------------- 7m
Avery’s Ring (i) ---------------------------- 50m
Avery Incatation --------------------------- 30m
Prod Cape ------------------------------------- 200m
AK-47 Asiimov ---------------------------- 10m
AWP Asiimov ----------------------------- 7m
M4A4 Asiimov ---------------------------- 7m
Necromancer Jr ------------------------- 5m
Diablo Jr --------------------------------- 10m
Thanos Pet ----------------------------- 120m
Khione’s Staff -------------------------- 8m
Eternal Khione Staff ----------------- 12m
BFG9000 ------------------------------- 100m
BFG9000 Offhand ------------------ 100m
Helicopter Pet ----------------------- 45m
Puffer Fish Pet ----------------------- 50m
Devious Set ----------------------------10m
Devious Helmet ----------------------- 2m
Devious Body ------------------------- 2m
Devious Legs -------------------------- 2m
Crystal Set ----------------------------- 10m
Crystal Helmet ----------------------- 2m
Crystal Body -------------------------- 2m
Crystal Legs --------------------------- 2m
Infinity Gauntlets --------------------- 5m
Infinity Gauntlets Charged -------- 200m
Icy Glaive ------------------------------ 150m
Customizable Icy Glaive ----------- 150m
Mystic Lvl3 ---------------------------- 50m
Berseker Lvl3 ------------------------ 50m
Augury Lvl3 -------------------------- 50m
Fortune Lvl3 -------------------------50m
Fortunate Favor Lvl3 -------------- 50m
Hades Cleaver ---------------------- 100m
Hades Offhand --------------------- 100m
Hades Cleaver (u) ----------------- 125m
Hades Helmet ---------------------- 10m
Hades Body ------------------------ 10m
Hades Legs ------------------------ 10m
Lava Minigun ---------------------- 250m
Golden Minigun ------------------- 4m
Minigun ----------------------------1m
Space Virtus Helm -------------- 25m
Space Virtus Body --------------- 25m
Space Virtus Legs -------------- 25m
Blizzard Staff ---------------------- 1m
Blizzard Spirit Shield ----------- 100k ds coins 
Blizzard Helm -------------------- 100k ds coins  
Blizzard Body -------------------- 100k ds coins 
Blizzard Legs ------------------- 100k ds coins 
Aqua Spirit Shield -------------- 4m
Space Spirit Shield -------------- 5m
Thumper ------------------------- 200m
Lava Groudon Pet -------------- 4m
Arrav Helm ----------------------- 70m
Arrav Body ------------------------ 70m
Arrav Legs ------------------------- 45m
Arrav Sword ----------------------- 60m
Arrav Sword Offhand ------------ 50m
Arrav Shield ------------------------ 35m
Undead Helm ---------------------- 3m
Undead Body ---------------------- 5m
Undead Legs ---------------------- 5m
Graceful Rapier ------------------- 15m
Graceful Shield  ------------------ 4m
Bikini Hat --------------------------- 5m
Bikini Body ------------------------- 8m
Bikini Legs ------------------------- 8m
Skotizo Cape ---------------------- 75m
Skotizo Hat -----------------------  100m
Skotizo Body --------------------- 100m
Skotizo Legs --------------------- 100m
Skotizo Bow ---------------------- 100m
Skotizo 2h Sword ---------------- 75m


Grinder Coin and Vending Machine! 


1 in 20
20 x Gold DS coins
20 x Rainbow Fish
2 x 2x Damage Card 
2 x Antique Lamps
1 x Sled 

1 in 50
30 x Gold DS coins
30 x Rainbow Fish
10 x Xebos Invitations
5 x 2x Damage Card
5 x Antique Lamps
1 x Infernal Primordals
1 x infernal pickaxe
1 x Black Sled 
1 x Icy Sled 
1 x Inferno Sled
1 x Space Sled 
1 x Lava Sled


 1 in 85
40 x Gold DS coins
40 x Rainbow Fish
20 x Xebos Invitations
1 x Stone of Power
1 x Stone of Redemption
1 x Stone of Vengeance
1 x Stone of Healing
1 x Stone of Resurrection

 1 in 125
50 x Gold DS coins
50 x Rainbow Fish
1 x Hades Pet
Dream Range Set 
Dream Melee Set 
Dream Mage Set


1 in 200
75 x Gold DS coins
75 x Rainbow Fish 
Khione’s Helm 
Khione’s Body 
Khione’s Legs 
Muskateer Hat 
Muskateer Body
Muskateer Legs 


1 in 280
100 x Gold DS coins 
Prometheus Helmet - Cosmetic Custom
Prometheus Body - Cosmetic Custom
Prometheus Legs  - Cosmetic Custom


1 in 350
120 x Gold DS coins
100 x Rainbow Fish 
100 x Xebos Invitation 
25 x 2x Damage Card 


 1 in 500
1 x Vorki Pet 
1 x amban Sniper Rifle 
1 x Beskargam Helm uncharged 
1 x Beskargam Body uncharged 
1 x Beskargam legs uncharged


1 in 1000
1 x Vending Machine Pet* 
1 x Ultron Pet 
1 x Baby Yoda Pet


1 in ?????
1000 x DS coins
1 x Shadow Pet
1 x Wing Zero Pet

Vending machine pet Bonuses
60% drop rate
40% double drop rate
10% luck
Healing effect capped at 1
Prayer Restore







Raids 1 - 4 has always been the favorites of the community! we have decided to add in a NEW Drop to this bosses

Voldermort, Vendura, O.G Dragon and Diablo

These Bosses have their Hitpoints buffed up significantly! 

Voldermort: 3,000,000 HP

Vendura: 4,000,000 HP

O.G Dragon: 5,000,000 HP

Diablo: 5,000,000 HP


Voldermort's Drop table has a new Drop

Wand of Voldermort ( untradable )

1 in 2500 drop rate

This item can only be combined with a Eternal Khione Staff to create a new mage weapon

Voldermort's Staff of Dream



Vendura's Ring

1 in 2500 Drop rate from Vendura


Additional Bonus not shown
Healing Effect 2 Hit points per Attack


DragonTooth Necklace

1 in 2500 Drop rate from O.G Dragon



Diablo's Claw 

1 in 2500 Drop Rate from Diablo

You will require a BFG9000 and a Diablo Claw to combine them 
You will get a Diablolic Bow ( 1 Handed Bow )





Good luck Dreamers in hunting some of the new BEST in Slot Equips! 






Gambling Streaks are now in to make dice zone gambling even more rewarding! 

Ever wanted to show off your streak but you don't have screenshots to prove it?
You can now with GAMBLING STREAKS overhead icons! 

Get a chance to win some juicy BOUNTIES! 


Streak Icons! 

Streaks as per follow

 3 - 5 - 7
  9 - 11- 13
   15 - 17 - 20


Streak icon in action! 


Bounty for Streaks!
This bounty will be awarded for players who have defeated them!
Streak-Holders, they will not miss out on this as well, in the event they win the gamble, they will receive the bounty money!



Bounty for Win Streak 3 : 4m ds coins
Bounty for Win Streak 5 : 8m ds coins
Bounty for Win Streak 7 : 12m ds coins
Bounty for Win Streak 9: 16m ds coins
Bounty for Win Streak 11 : 20m ds coins
Bounty for Win Streak 13 : 24m ds coins
Bounty for Win Streak 15 : 30m ds coins
Bounty for Win Streak 17 : 60m ds coins
Bounty for Win Streak 20 : 100m ds coins






Soul Chest has always been a big part of Dreamscape back in 2017

It has been a long time since we have updated the chest to include new bosses soul and even update the rewards!

We have added New Boss Souls and improved the overall drop table from the chest!

We have added an additional function to open 1k Soul Keys at a time! 


The following Bosses now have Souls drop added to them


Riley Raid





You can visit Soul Chest at ::soulroom






Stand a chance to win some of the NEW cosmetics that are only available in Soul Chest






Have you upgraded something you felt like you have regretted?

Enchantment Disassembly is your solution! 
Players can now disassemble their enchantments! 
However you will only receive 30% of the enchantment back

E.G: Item has +10 enchantment, player salvages their enchanted item

they will only get back 3 perfect enchantment stones ( untradable )


You can find the NPC at ::upgrades



To start the disassembling, you will have to use your item that has a minimal of +10 and above on the dwarf

once done, you will go through a dialogue whether you want to confirm.

Once done, you will receive the stated amount of PERFECT ENCHANTMENT STONES  (u) (untradable)







Added more Revenant Werewolves spawn locations

Frost Dragons are no longer aggressive

BarrelChest are no longer Aggressive

Vorago reworked 

-increased NPC hp to 750 > 40,000

-added drops Vorago Jr and Eternal Crystal Pieces 

Readjusted Super Donator Ticket to Exreme Donator Ticket upgrade chance

Added Quality of Life SHORT CUT KEYS

CTRL + X = ::bosses
CTRL + H = ::home

CTRL + B = ::bank 

CTRL + D = ::dicezone






Muggle's Descimator Tradability and AOE corrected.


Sashimono Cape

Custom Donation



Bamboozled Descimator Mainhand and Offhand

Custom Donation





Do look out for the forum post that Lt Limes will post soon! 








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Great update y'all! Can't wait to camp hydra and finally get rid of a bunch of items with the grinder!

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Update looks insane and i'm sure everyone is super hyped for it. Good work everyone who worked on this! Big shoutout to Cj, Javier and Adams! ❤️

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Yet in grinder should add more items. like these Defender lvl 1, attacker lvl 1, healer lvl 1, Skoto pet, Vorki pet. Items that are on grinder is basicly up to Sponsor rank that can obtain.
even so community now consist of alot of Executives and Platinum Members. Also Chaos Tantacle I-VI, worthless but have over 1700 of them 😕 

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