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Dreamscape Update 136.5! Bug spat and some improvements!

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In this Patch notes, we will be addressing all bugs and addressing concerns we have seen in Bug reports.

Before the the notes, a little teaser and a few things to mention!






The Hydra boss is still in the works of coding and getting it 100% fully function with a twist of our CUSTOM touch! 

We are looking into areas to improve as well

Things that will be in discussion and set to work on in the future updates!


1. ::upgrade 

- this zone is in need of a rework as it looks outdated.


2. Custom Slayer

- Slayer has always been a big part of RS, we will be adding our own twist and touch by updating the task list and even coming up with a custom slayer island where you will find majority of your task npc there.


3. Drop Table Review

- in the next few days, i will be posting a drop table review, which we will show case majority of the NPC's drop table.

I would like the community's input after reviewing the numbers! Stay tuned for the post coming up soon! 





Patch notes 


  • Fixed Mac and Linux client users issues
  • Reduced World Boss Hp, 100m > 50m 
  • Fixed World Boss, Enraged Chaos Elemental. NPC is no longer a Pet
  • Fixed Text Error on Emperor's Necklace (i) options  ( Reported by @I Willy I )
  • Fixed GPS Bug abuse with Xebos Invitation ( Reported by @Iron Lord )
  • Fixed Game Breaking exploit , being able to 1 shot any Boss ( Reported by @Gya )
  • Fixed Gambling Pet's Item Name in Trade menu
  • Fixed Vorkath Daily Killcount resetting on Relog
  • Fixed a Bug with Baby Yoda's Pet 1 in 15 to do 5 x damage not proc-ing ( Reported by @I am bambi)
  • Fixed a Bug with Theatre of Blood, NPCs were attack-able in safe zone
  • Improved Theatre of Blood's Drop Table
  • Added Avernic Defender to ToB drop table
  • -avernic defender gives 3 HP healing efftect per attack ( best healing item )
  • Removed Executive Cape and Executive Totem from Donator Bond Shop
  • Nerf Trix Armor Set
  • Added 10% DR ,DDR ,LUCK to Infinity Gauntlets (u)
  • Following Boxes are made stack-able
  • - Super Mystery Box 
  • - Dynamic Box 
  • - Ultra Mystery Box
  • - Invictus Box 
  • - Box of Wealth 
  • - Mega Crate 
  • - Pet Mystery Box 
  • - Dream Mystery Box 
  • - Tactical Box 
  • - Double or nothing Box 





Lord's Executioner 

Stats increased 



Hick's Staff

Stats increased 

Spell Damage increased



Huntir's Glaive 

Stats increased 



I am Bambi's 
Planetary Devastator (i)

Stats increased 



Meet Idiot 

Stats increased 



Just a Gun

New custom item

50 x 50 AOE added



Stakerz mainhand and offhand 
item made tradable





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QoL updates are by far one of my favorites! It shows that the developers are listening to the community and making adjustments to truly make DS a better place! ❤️ 

Keep up the amazing work Dev team! 


Looking forward to the Hydra boss!!

I love seeing the little sneak peaks like upgrade, slayer and drop tables! 

I agree that needed a nerf it was way too good for its price and abundance lol. 

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Niceeee! Cant wait untill this update has been done!
Big +1 for all the new stacked boxes!

Another thing.. When you try to add items noted in the market they dont show up in the normal search list with the other items.
For example i have to un note and add all my Rainbow fish in the market per inv of 28.. Else they will never sell...

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