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Trusted Dicer Benefits.

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What's going on Dreamers!

In this Thread I will explain to you what the perks and benefit are. Just being a Trusted Dicer for Dreamscape!






1. Monthly Perks (Events) To those who shows motivation to the server, and gain the trust of community will earn Items that only Trusted Hosts can obtain.


2. Being a TD is very hard, not only you have a responsibility to watch over the Dicezone, but also to regulate the Dreamscape Rules. Because, of these huge responsibility, TD will be awarded by the server to show our gratitude for your hard work!


3. Being a Trusted Host, you will be able to attend, TD only Event to win variety of goodies!




Remember, you have been hand picked by the community, which means that you are worthy of being a TD for Dreamscape. TD's responsibility is to make sure the rules in Dicezone are regulated, using proper chain as a Middle Man (MM). Basically, you are the regulator of the Dicezone.



At the moment  we do not have a  Gambling Manager


If you are interested, in applications, seek Thread ::21782 for requirements for the applications.


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