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Discord Support System Guide.

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Recently we have changed our Support Ticket system.

From Forums to Discord. We wanted to improve our Support system for a while and here today we found a perfect solution!

For you and for us!


Why did we move?

We felt the Support ticket system on forums are mostly unknown to our users who hasn't met forum at all.

Discord is being used world wide compared to forums, more chance of our clients knowledge of how to use the ticket system.

It's also easier for us to keep track of, respond to all of your tickets!

We'd be able to respond at faster rate which means your ticket is processed little faster than our previous Support System!


How to create your support ticket now?


Step 1

Type ::discord in-game if you haven't joined, head towards Support channel.



Step 2

React with the correct Emoji (Click the envelope)



Step 3

There should be another channel popping up like this.



Step 4

Read and follow this as carefully as possible.



Step 5

Fill out the given format. Example Below:



Step 6

Follow the Below Rules:

1. Do not PM staff in-game or on discord regarding your tickets.

2. Do not bump or @ staff members inside your ticket or through the discord channels.

3. Average Response Time due to influx of tickets 24-48 hours to get a response. This does not mean PM a staff member regarding this if time has surpassed.

4. Please follow the format given to you and don’t make your own.

5. Having everything ready before we get to the ticket will increase the time of your ticket being resolved.


Failure to follow these rules will result in your ticket being set to low priority as we try to help you, being spammed about it slows us down. We apologize that times can be a longer than estimated. We try our best to get everything done as soon as possible but not everything can be done in one step for some tickets


Support Ticket Management


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