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Donation Caps

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This thread will guide you on how to buy or sell donations in Dreamscape. This guide will help you get to know the caps of the donations.

Due to severe abuse with buying donations all donations are now CAPPED to DSCOIN PURCHASES ONLY  you can not exchange items anymore please follow the current CAP program.

(This may change in the future based on ECO)


Prices's date:

May 18th 2020


Make sure that whenever you are buying the donations from the other players, it is STRICTLY only In-game cash/Items! If you happen to be guilty of RWT (Real World Trading) your account will be BANNED IMMEDIATELY from the servers.

Always, use any Staff member from Helper to an Admin + for middleman for the donation transaction. 







$30 = 500M
$50 = 1B
$100 = 2.4
$150 = 3.75B
$200 = 5.5B
$250 = 7.5B
$300 = 10B

There is currently no cap set on $301+

DSCOIN purchase only on capped sales. 


Remember! The bigger the donations, the more the amount will increase. As you can see above,

This guide will mainly help out those who are buying/selling donations from other players. If you have any further questions, always feel free to PM any of the staff members or myself. We will be more then happy to Middleman or help you out with the transaction.



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