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Theater of blood guide

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Greetings everyone, today I'll be creating a TOB guide!
Many people that are new or old Don't know how to do the TOB.
This is the guide that you are looking for!

Note: WIKI has helped me a lot creating this guide,

big shoutout to the wiki team!


n5cbCbh.gifTheater of blood!n5cbCbh.gif


Theatre of Blood logo2

To start Theater of blood you need to be on your Cc/your friend's Cc.

(soloing it is indeed kinda difficult to do but doable, recommended with 3 other members)


The Maiden of Sugadinti

The Maiden of Sugadinti model 2

The first thing to know about this boss is, it can be easily killed, however,

This boss got a few mechanics that you need to know about:

1. This boss will be placing (blood) on the ground if you stand on the blood you will be taking damage,

you need to step off the blood spot to stop taking damage.

2. It spawns 8 Nycolas, each Nycolas if they reach the boss they will heal the boss by 200 HITPOINTS, to stop that from happening you need to kill them before they reach the boss.
3. You need food, rainbow fish is the idealist to use in TOB due to the bosses dealing high amounts of damage.



Pestilent Bloat

Pestilent Bloat2

Pestilent Bloat's mechanics are very simple however executing them is going to be a bit hard to do.

Before getting in the room with that beast you need to make sure that you are not in his line of sight

 if you are in his line of sight you will be getting 20-25 damage each game tick!
which is a massive amount of damage to take, if you were in his line of sigh you and the whole team will be damaged.
The boss walks around a square, at some point, it will stop moving to allow the players to attack it for 7-9 seconds, after that it will start walking again, upon hitting it mutilated flesh will start RAINING on top of your head!  you can see where it's landing because of the shadow it leaves before dropping.



Nylocas vasilias
Nylocas Ischyros


This is probably the easiest one of them all!

However, you need to know something about it before attempting to do it!

The team needs to have the three styles, melee, mage, and range

to have a chance of finishing this boss.

You have 35(depending on how many players are in the raid, 35 as in 3 people in the raid) rounds that you need to finish before getting to the boss.

The rounds are very simple,

you have these three NPCs:

  1. 1. Nylocas Hagios-Color-BLUE-MAGE
  2. 2. Nylocas Ischyros-Color-GREY-MEELE
  3. 3. Nylocas Toxobolos-Color-Green-RANGE

What the colors mean are, the blue one is MAGE, the grey one MEELE and the green one is RANGE.

You do the 35 waves, then you meet the boss.

Depending on its color you will be attacking it, if the color is grey you melee it, blue you mage and green you range it, killing the boss is very easy, however, getting to the boss is a bit annoying.


Sotetseg (1)

Firstly you enter the room the boss will be dealing damage to the ones who dare to challenge him, at 66.6% health and 33.3% health,
The boss will be choosing one of the players to lead the way in the shadow realm, a 14X15 tiles area whilst having one player leading the way out whilst receiving 3 HP damage per tick.
The one who leads the way out of the shadow realm only will see the titles

to walk out of the shadow realm to continue attacking the boss

, all the players will be waiting for him to walk on the titles so it shows to them how to get out of it and eventually kill the Sotetseg.



Xarpus (1)

The Xarpus has a few phases,
Phase 1, the boss is damaged, he is healing slowly you need to stand on the LEAVES, leaves will show and disappear in a few seconds making you move from the spit you were on going to another leave to stand on it, (phase two)at some point the boss will start attacking the players.
He'll be launching poison at the ground you need to get away from the poison on the ground to stop taking damage.
Phase three, the boss will screech upon roughly 25% of its health
and he'll stop launching poison, instead, he will be looking at the corners and if the player is hitting him from the corner he's looking at the player will take massive poison damage.


Lastly we have UUiFnP8.gifVerzik Vitur!UUiFnP8.gif

Verzik Virtur transforms


Verzik Vitur The final boss of the Theater of Blood!

The boss has THREE forms:

  1. You start attacking it BEHIND THE PILLARS, The pillars can also collapse while dealing massive damage to the players under it, failing to be on a pillar will also deal you fatal damage. whilst Verzik Vitur is on its chair awaiting the brave warriors to make her turn into the next form.
  2. After the first phase/form is done Verzik Vitur will leave her throne and fly in the middle of the room, She will also be spawning her little minion which is nylocas athanatos, it will heal her can be disabled by killing it.
  3. upon finishing up the second phase, THE Verzik Vitur will turn into its TRUE form a half spider, a half vampire.
  4. She uses all three forms of attacking style which is (Melee, range, mage)
  5. like the previous phase she can spawn nyclocas to fight alongside her.
  6. Now she can charger a powerful special attack, to avoid getting hit with that power attack of hers,
  7. she creates safespots to be used! and only 1 player at a spot can safespot it (1player per tile).
  8. She can also throw webs to get the bravest of them all stuck in them, the only way out is getting helped by other players to kill the web or the web despawns in a certain amount of time.
  9. The next attack is very hard to get away from, which is, once she reaches 20% of her health she will spawn purple tornados that will follow each player in the room, avoided by running around the area and keeping damage on her.








Avernic defender Avernic_defender 1 Very Rare
Scythe of vitur Scythe of vitur 1 Very Rare
Ghrazi rapier Ghrazi rapier 1 Very Rare
Sanguinesti staff Sanguinesti staff 1 Very Rare


Justiciar faceguard Justiciar faceguard 1 Very Rare
Justiciar chestguard Justiciar chestguard 1 Very Rare
Justiciar legguards Justiciar legguards 1

Very Rare



Dynamic Box Dynamic Box 1–3 Common
Code Key Code Key 50–150 Uncommon
Black Diamond Box Black Diamond Box 1 Very Rare



Thank you everyone!

Have anything to add?please comment I'll be adding it.
found any bugs in TOB? contact a staff member!



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The number of rounds on the Nylocas vasilias wave depends on how many people you have in your party. The more people, the more waves, otherwise great in-depth guide!

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