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Dreamscape Update 136! Emperor's Upgrade Chest Changes! Bug Fixes and Customs!

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A Small patch to address all current issues with World Boss, Bug Fixes, Customs and a little update on starter task.






The starter task has been revamped to be 11 task instead of the tedious 17 task!

rewards are still the same of 25% drop rate boost for 10hours.


This New starter Task will educate New comers on the whereabouts on our Brand NEW and improved (Hopefully the final)



on a side note ( for new comers, we have an awesome wiki page for you to learn everything about the game! )

Click me for something amazing!






We have added a new option to safe guard your items at 50% chance!

We added an additional perk to the chest where if you DO NOT safe guard your items.

In the event you fail, you will receive a 5% boost to your next attempt.

This will reset upon Success.

*Emperor's Necklace's Hour-Glass Effect works*

In the event where your item fails the upgrade, there's a chance where the necklace will save your item.


After selecting the item you wish to upgrade once or all.

you will be given an option to select 

Pay 750m & protect the item in case of failure ( 100% ) 

Pay 400m & Add 50% chance protecting item in case of failure 

Continue without protecting








Custom Donation

Crow boy's set and Connor's Sheet





Custom Donation

Axe of Rhitta 



Custom Donation

Dark Lord's Cape



Custom Donation

Otis Problem Solver & Otis's PeaceMaker



Custom Donation

Muggle 9000 & Muggle 9000 offhand






Easter Event Removed

Disabled 1 hit items on World Boss
- wearing 1 hit items will only allow you to deal 50K damage

Fixed World Boss weapon requirement error

Reduced World Boss HP to 100m instead of 250m

Fixed Dreamland's Wave 70+ ( world boss related NPCs)

Fixed 0% on certain items at upgrade chest

-corrected to 1%

Increased Vorkath Daily Kill limit to 100

Added a Gambling pet which can be obtained from Gambling! 

Added Notification of Entries left for the day for Vorkath

Added Option to purchase 1000 additional kill for the day for 50m DS coins for Vorkath

Slightly Nerfed Trix Armor set due to it being too OP for the early stages of the game.

Fixed ::starwars teleport command

Fixed Enraged Hades Teleporting players to old home

Fixed typo and correct Server's Boost drop rate and Server's Boost Damage




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