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Iron Heph goals

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Basically my goals for the upcoming weeks / months or even years.

Once completed they will be turned green.


Easy goals:
120 Slayer

50M cash

Perfect enchantment stones (10)

50k Arcade Points

100 all raids points

From all bosses 1K kc


Medium Goals:
150 Slayer

All 99 (not gambling/scavenger/karma)

Completing Arcade

Completing Avengers Arcade

150k Arcade points

500 all raids kills

500M cash

50 infinity keys

Diablo Jr

From all bosses 10K kc


Hard Goals:

120 Karma

150 Karma

All 120 / 150 (not gambling/scavenger/karma

Sponsor rank

300k Arcade points

1K all raids kills

1B cash

Helicopter Pet

Skotizo set + Infinity Gauntlet Charged

Dream Range set + BFG9000

Arrav set + Sword

From all Bosses - 50K Kc



Impossible (never say never but yeah):

Executive rank

Platinum rank

5M Arcade points


10B cash


BFG9000 (I)

From all bosses - 200K kc

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59 minutes ago, Vaider said:

Nice goals, Can't wait to see them all done. 

All won't be possible xD but thank you


I'll update every week or 2 to see if I grinded enough aswell 😃

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