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Dreamscape Update 135! Easter Event! Theatre of Blood Revamp and many more!

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Easter Event is finally here as it's a Dreamscape's tradition!

Threatre of Blood has been updated as well to fit our current majority of player's damage output and of course improved rewards!

Start Gearing up and recruiting parties! Because it's going to be worthwhile! 







Easter is a little late this year! However, better late than never am i right guys? 

You can start the easter event at our NEW home! look for Bouncy Guy


Once you have went through the dialogue with him, he will ask you to collect some chocolate eggs for him! 


Collect 20 chocolate eggs from imps

Head over to Castle Wars via teleports - Minigames - Castle Wars


They are located just right outside castle wars ( they are pretty easy to kill )


Once you have collected the required amount, head back to Bouncy Guy to complete your quest! 



Players will receive 

1 x Chocolate Egg launcher ( Cosmetic / 1 Hit weapon ) requires Chocolate Egg Ammunition which is limited 

30 x Chocolate Eggs ( ammunition for Egg launcher ) ( 1 hit kills )

1 x Easter Box

1 x Infernal Carrot ( cosmetic )

500k exp in Scavenger 

500k exp in Karma


* Chocolate Egg launcher allows you to kill any Boss with 1 hit *

Take your chances now to attempt raids / Bosses that you previously couldn't clear and test your luck! 






The raid has been kept the same, in the terms of mechanic skills and how to do it.

The only changes are the Bosses HP and the possible rewards you can receive! 


Hp of various bosses increase substantially

This is to cater towards our increase in player's overall power 

Whether you have customs, end game gear or even mid game gear.

Theatre of Blood will now actually feel like a raid.


We have improved the stats of equipment dropped by Theatre of Blood

Giving players a goal to chase! 

We have added extra drops into the Raid's Common drop table!

You will see things like, Dynamic Boxes, Code Keys, Ultra Mystery Box, Tactical Box,Scroll of Blood and even



Stats of Various Equipment that received a Buff


Sanguinesti Staff ( requires charges - charges with Gold DS coins )

10 Gold DS coins = 5,000 Charges



Speed : 0.6
9 x 9 area attack
10% drop rate boost
10% double drop rate boost
10% luck bonus


Justiciar Set 


Set bonuses

Set bonus when full set is worn
10% damage absorption
30% drop rate

NEGATIVE 30% double drop rate
10% luck

20% Melee Damage Boost


Scythe of Vitur ( requires charges - charges with Gold DS coins )

10 Gold DS coins = 5,000 Charges



speed : 0.6
3 x 3 area attack
10% drop rate boost
10% double drop rate boost
10% luck bonus






A Revised home has been placed after numerous feedback from players! 

we have made everything much more compact and we have a very custom touch to Home! 

You can take plenty of nice screenshots to flaunt them on discord with scenery of a waterfall! 


New Home Spot / Bank / Various NPCs






Games Room


Platinum Partner Statues


Skilling Area ( still in development )








The World boss has received a revamp! 

If you have been to santa world boss before, that was a huge success which is why we have decided to integrate the system into our old world boss!

Spawn Locations 

Varrock - Dark wizard area 
Falador - outside the front gates of Falador city
Draynor Village - Besides the bank 
Al Kharid - Near the gates of Between Al kharid and Lumbridge
Catherby - fishing spot East of bank 
Barbarian Village - West of the village 


You can check when the next boss spawns with World Boss Announcer Located at Home! 





Top 10 players who did the most amount of damage to the boss will have a chance receive a drop from the unique drop table
All players will receive a static drop 


Stand a chance to get the World Globe Pet! Ideal for Slaying World Bosses!

World Globe pet 

Drop rate increase 35% 
Luck: NEGATIVE -100%
            25% damage Increase on WORLD BOSS 







Finally  the 2k20 Box is here! 

Its a simplified version of the 2k19 box.

You will guaranteed drops of..

1 x Donation Point Book ( spend at roachey for cosmetics! )

1 x Grand Lottery Book ( Points to claim to be used for Grand Lottery )

1 x 2020 - 202000 Ds coins

1 x Mystery Item


Best possible loots


BFG9000 offhand

Obsidian Virtus Pieces

Skotizo Cape

Fire Hazard AK

Space Virtus

Muskateer Equipment


Loot from 300 Boxes!







Mimic boss has invaded Dreamscape! 

In order for you to get an attempt to find him! You will have to hunt any NPCs in Dreamscape

Entry works similar to Xebos invitation!

Its set at 1 in 3000 drop rate to get an Mimic's Entry Ticket!


Once you have acquired an entry ticket, get your gear and attempt the boss!



Stand a chance to get the Mimic pet, Lottery boxes, Event Boxes! 


Stats of mimic pet
Drop rate - 35%
Double Drop rate - 35%
Luck - 35%
When pet is summoned, players get a flat rate of obtaining DS coins into their pouch.
Same rate as emperor’s necklace’s way of obtaining cash. However donor rank does not benefit in increase.
Gives 150 ds coins in a flat rate.





Fixed Prayer Altar in Raid Hub

Fix lag issues caused by Bank and Collection Chest

Fixed Skotizo's Drops 

Fixed Dreamons becoming invisible 

Fixed POS bug with listing more than 28 items, causing the item to disappear

Fixed Black Market Dealer sell 10 

Added a sell X command to Black Market Trader

Black Market Dealer will now send DS coins to your money pouch instead of your inventory

- you can now key the amount you want to sell.

Reduced Hade's Set Bonus 

Increased Healing cap for Emperor's Ring(i) to 2 Hit points per attack instead of 1

Special Bandage Cool down Reduced from 25 seconds to 12 seconds 

Made Skotizo Keys stackable

Changed Upgrade Chest and Emperor's Chest upgrade's difficulty to Percentages instead of Easy/Medium/Hard.

Added New items to be upgraded into Emperor's Upgrade Chest

-infinity gauntlets


-Xebos Invitations


Added Killcounts to Various bosses

-Theatre of Blood
-Starwars Raid
-Riley Raid
-Undead lancelot






Custom Upgrades

Swags BFGs - added 50x50 Area of attack

Fixed Huntir's Glaive Texture

Name change for Swaggy's pink set

Fixed Tolose's Hammer attack range

Added stats to steroid's Bazooka

Dreamz40's custom stats upgrades 

Pvm abuse's Bfgs stats upgrades

connor's sceptre stats upgrade



Custom Donation

Stakerz Obliterator mainhand & offhand 



Custom Donation

Garfield's Set



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Oh Goodness! This update is HYPE! This is one of the best updates I've seen! 


Thank you dev team!


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