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Fashion scape event

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Today we will be hosting a Fashionscape Event for the month of April/2020 As the name self-explained most of the part, yet we would like to see some amazing outfits from you guys.! 

Please read all rules and follow them!




#1)You can wear anything you want! Custom or non-custom!

#2)You must comment below in the comments (Not pms in discord)

#3)You can only have 1 ENTRY! but however you can still post more than a picture of the same set

#4)Look your absolute best

#5) DO NOT SPAM if someone spams they are immediately disqualified

#6) Has to be YOUR VERY OWN SET you cannot use gear viewer!

#7) Please comment your outfit only NOTHING else!


We really wanted to make sure all of our Community gets a chance of Higher Tier Rewards, So Today we will be given Some HIGH tier items ( End game items).

Dear dreamscape community here are the rewards!:




1St- Bfg9000 set



2Nd-Infinity gauntlet (charged)



3Rd-Thanos pet




And! The "SPECIAL PRIZE" if we reach over "40 comments" the 1st prize gonna be replaced with the Special prize!


Special prize-Emperor's ring



This event ends 24/04/2020


Good luck everyone

Kind regards


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Quick little oufit in the meantime! 

Hoping my custom will be ready and I can get a outfit made with those aswell 😄

Goodluck everyone and Thank you Gya for putting this together.


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EDIT: due to issues with my flaming hot costume, I have decided to go back to my roots as a scientist and bring the acid to the party! 




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