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Dreamscape Update 134! Starwars Raid! Massive Improvements and more!

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The Long await and massively teased update is finally here! A whole new system for this very unique raid, players have always complained about the simplicity of our raid, we have made it so its difficult! complex! and mechanically challenged! 

put your PVM skills to the test and see how well are you ! Scroll down to find out more! 






Introducing the all new Starwars Raid! 

Popular characters of Mandalorian and StormTroopers! 

Collect the BEST IN SLOT armor and Craft your own Bes'kar Bars! 

An Unique Armor system that will keep you wanting to keep attempting the raid! 


Start by looking for StormTrooper to enter the raid 

You can use ::starwars to get to the NPC!

Players who wish to attempt together will have to gather NEAR the NPC to enter together or you will be left out

You can create your own CC to enter as a team of any amount! 

bare in mind, the more players there are in the raid, the more hp the boss will have!

in future staff members may host massive RAID EVENT where everyone gather to clear it together! 
It is better to go in a duo or trio!  


Once you talk to StormTrooper, you will be asked to choose your difficulty of the Raid


Difficulty are unlock able based on the amount of times you have ran the Raid 
Normal:  unlocks at 100 easy runs 10% drop rate boost 

Hard: unlocks at 150 normal runs 15% drop rate boost
Hell: unlocks at 200 hard runs  20% drop rate boost

-note damage is capped based on difficulty-

Welcome to the Start Area of the Raid 


In the event that you died in any part of the stages in the raid, you will be brought back to the start! 


There are 3 stages of boss fight 

-Mechanics will not be released, Players will have to figure it out-

This creates a challenge for everyone


Note that image / Gifs are for illustration purpose only, the raid is not easy as you think

Stage 1 



Stage 2





Last area, Chest / Reward Room 



Possible loots and armor stats 


Bes'kar Ore / Bar

You will need 5m DS coins, 5 Runite Ore, 5 Gold ore to create 1 Beskar Bar


Speak to Mandalorian Smith to smith out a Beskar Bar with the required materials 




These Bars will be used to " Charged " your Beskar Armor and amban Sniper Rifle 


Beskar Bar can be used to charge each piece of armor / weapons affected by it

Giving it a fixed amount of combat time before it degrades to uncharged

players can refill the charge by placing more beskar bars into the armor set


Each Bes'kar bar will give the equipment 1 hour of combat time which degrades everytime you are in battle






List of items obtainable in Starwars Raid on different difficulties

uncharged Beskar Set (tradable)



Charged Beskar Set ( untradable )



Amban Sniper Rifle (tradable) 
Sniper uses Beskar Bars to charge, each beskar stones gives 2000 charges. 



StormTrooper's Armor Set



Blaster Laser Rifle



GC-11 Pet







Tired of Pinata Parties ?

Introducing Party Pete's Donation Drop Party! 

Win Amazing Prizes! Have fun as a community! 

When the server's donation goal is met! Party pete will announce a DROP PARTY!


How to get there ?



How to check progress?

Talk to Party Pete



Whenever a Party is about to start players will receive a notification! 


How to check rewards available in the drop party?

check on the chest just beside pete



How do i stand a chance to win something?

Balloons will spawn around the room pop them! 



The party will end when all the available prizes has been collected! 







Healing effect as always been a to go to for any Content of Dreamscape.

Players could easily get an Avery's ring and out heal any sort of content.

in this change, we will make healing less effective and make certain items stack-able in terms of healing.

as of this patch, any item / pet / aura with Soulsplit effect / healing effect 

it will be capped at 1Hp per attack

Only attack from range / mage / melee will account for the heal

Poison or additional damage will not heal you anymore ( shadow pet being an exception )

Players can now stack up to 3 healing effects.

Example. Avery ring, Thanos pet and infinity aura

player will now heal 3 Hit points per attack 

This should ultimately balance out any sort of content that has been released so far in Dreamscape! 





Fixed delay when banking items when bank all (speeds up banking efficiency and smoothness ) 

- depositing items should be immediate now

Fixed Boxes requiring X amount of inventory space to open

- items will now be banked and players will have a notification of what they received 

Certain items like 2k19 box, Black diamond box are made stackable

Improved Goodieboxes rewards ( mainly 1-20 boxes )

- removed old and outdated items, included a bunch of new items to increase the box's value!

- Seasonal Boxes have been changed from Blood Khiones Staff to Purple Dragon

POS tax for Platinum partners reduced 

- 5% tax  > 3 % tax 

Security Pin lock Auto system changes

-failure to enter the correct pin will now only place you on a 3 minutes cool down instead of a ban

Crystal key teleport changes

-clicking on the teleport options will now bring you to ::soulroom

Changed sell option from x10 to x100

Fixed auto retaliate for phoenix, corp and some old npcs

Fixed Corporeal Beast not accounting for Slayer Task ( mainly affected in Executive zones and etc )

Fixed Lesser Demon not giving Slayer Exp ( fixed various other NPCs as well )

Changed ::ref reward items to be banked instead of placing them in your inventory

Changed Goodiebag Island Rewards to go into bank instead of inventory

Fixed Japanese Boss drop rate, there was a bug involved dropping more items than intended

Fixed Dicezone's Plant in weird spots

Fixed bug with attack while running

Removed Search Button from POS

Replaced BUY button on POS to search for ITEM name to purchase items 



We do apologize for the long wait on the NEW HOME and the Platinum Statues

The Starwars Raid was a HUGE project which took up majority of the development time

Dreamscape's Development Team hope you all will enjoy the content and we promise in the next update, you will see the NEW HOME and Platinum statue 






Custom upgrades notes 

Swagaton's Cloak - stats increased 

Swagaton's BFGs - stats increased 

Demon Stiletto's - stats increased 

Hc Fiire's Armor - Stats increased 

NEW custom item Hc Fiire's Infinity Gauntlets 


Custom Changes

Twitchu's Scythe Texture Fix


New Custom Donation

Vini's BFGs 

DeathTube Mainhand and Offhand



Custom Donation

Custom Title

for Joez



Custom Donation

Irish's Pride 


Custom Donation

Ashlar the Broken



Custom Donation

Abusive Mainhand and Offhand



Custom Donation

Dark Lord's Set



Custom Donation

Extra xtra



Custom Donation

Huntir's Glaive



New Store Item 

Skull Descimator9000 and Skull Descimator9000 offhand



New Store item

Baby Yoda Pet



New Store item

Mandalorian Set ( non degradable )




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I had high hopes for this update and you still surpassed by thoughts! Great job staff! Keep up the amazing work as always!

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Amazing update! Great work CJ and everyone on staff that put in work on this! Thank you guys for bringing such amazing updates 😄

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