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Personal Wealth Goal

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I have decided to set a new goal for myself! My new goal is to amass 10b cash without ANY gambling involved. You guys can hold me to that! 


I am going to place all my current cash aside and work from scratch just to see how long it takes! I have a couple different ideas to grind out cash so I will be sharing my favorite methods and progress along the way!



I decided to clarify:

*I will not take part in any ::dicezone gambling.  

*I will not take into consideration any money I make from personal donations. 

*I will post an update at least once a week until I complete my goal!


Officially started log on Friday, March 27th. 


Update: March 28th. 

Step 1: Farming Executive Zone almost the entire day. (10+ hours while doing readings) 

- 52 xebos tickets - used to receive 52 event boxes. (some of sold for just under 2m each) 

- After using roughly 5k+ keys at soulroom (been in bank for who knows how long) for all bosses in exec zone + drops from grinding I have the following drops. 

  • 28 olaf pieces 
  • 16 am'orth pieces
  • 20 groudon pets
  • 40 Infernal pieces

- I obtained roughly 6m cash from farming exec zone. 

- some of the above pieces have sold

- Received Black Diamond Box from event and sold for 310m. 


After 24 hours, my current cash is 390m 


Update: April 1st.

  • won two 2k19 boxes from drop parties!  sold them both 150m profit. 
  • I merched a variety of items (secret) for around a 700m profit over the weekend. 

Current Cash stack is at 1.2b

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Very interesting idea! I'd love to see weekly updates or however many updates you see fit :p gGoodluck on your journey and hope to see more of this :)

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It took me few weeks to get over 10b without gambling. Tho i did donate as well which speed up the process for sure. But i have currently made more than 10b money without taking into consideration donations i personally bought or the 2 times i actually decided to gamble for fun.
Its definitely possible hope you make it 

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20 hours ago, Blueoptic said:

Does gambling mean also not using the POS. Cause technically, that is gambling aswell..

You've got a point, but merching is more skill than luck, so I'll keep that as an option 😛 lol

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