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Forums Mass Revamp + Event

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I'm going to apologize in advance for the future spams of myself, or from other certain staff members.

Hence why this thread I'm about to share with you guys. 


As you've noticed lately, the forum activity has raised up, and not by a bit but sofar about 17% posts increased from last year which is amazing, and hope to continue and strive for the old days we used to have.




Limes has been working on some changes are below;


Forum Giveaways



He is also working on other stuff for in the future to make forums even more attractive.

Yet to be seen!







Coming next few weeks I'll be revamping the entire forums.

Which means massive posts spam as I've predicted which I want to apologize in advance for our forum readers.


This means;

-fully updated threads

-Possibly fixed minor mistakes

-Ranks permission fixed for once and always







I'll be hosting an simple forum event.


Report bugs & Suggest Forum Ideas

Which includes

-Rank's permissions


-Section suggestions

-Guide suggestions

-Future ideas

-Forums in general suggestions


I'll fix 80% of them personally! Expect them be fixed asap(Bugs)


They can be posted in;



For every quality report bug / suggestion

You'll earn up to



And as for main prize (Randomly generated)



Any questions you can reply below, or contact me on discord ; Bodhi#9025


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On 3/26/2020 at 10:07 PM, Blueoptic said:

Whats with the $ sign on the forums. Any details on what it does, how to earn more etc.

same as me i was like what is this $ on my screen i had a amount and i just look at my forums and it went up again 

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