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Easy and Early viable Method to clear 450k HP Xebos Guide

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As everyone may or may not know, the first step to unlocking one of the custom skill - Karma,

is by defeating 450k HP Xebos that will spawn 5 Guardian of Am'orth that have Protect from Magic Prayer during the fight.
Most of the early game cheap AoE weapons were magic oriented and Guardian of Am'orth having Protect from Magic

creates alot of issue for newbie to defeat them as they do not have access to much equipment yet.

This guide is made to help new Normal or Hardcore player that wanted to unlock karma earlier without requiring much farming for stronger weapon
such as AK-47 Assimov which is usually being recommended by other veteran players.


Gearing Up




Introducing our MVP for this setup ( also the most(?) underrated Ranged weapon )

Atleast 750 Hanzou's Axe


This weapon actually deals a very decent amount of damage with decent attack speed and it also provide a small 5x5 AoE,

however due to how the nature of throwing axes currently work in DreamScape, it was neglected by most of the player.

It only cost an amazingly low value of 700 DScoin each from Player Owned Shop ( as when I'm writing this guide ).

Thats only 525k Dscoin (700 DScoin x 750 Hanzou's Axes) investment to unlock Karma



Soulflare (x)



This weapon will be mainly used to hit Xebos before the summon spawn and after the summon has been killed.

They cost about 3m each on POS and its a pretty strong single target weapon that magic combat style player should know about.



Armors and Accessories



Trix Armor Set

Standard Early ~ Mid game Armor for Early 2020 Meta.

Providing decent amount of Offensive and Defensive Stats.

Can be obtained from Groudon or buy directly from POS.



Avery's Ring

Healing through combat on hit to avoid death.

Can be obtained from Wilderness Shop using 25k Wilderness Point

(sadly with only soulsplit it isn't enough)



American Boxing Glove

Provide balanced stats to everything.

Can be obtained fairly easily from ::train shop or buy directly from POS

(American Boxing Glove isn't necessary but can speed up the fight)


With all the item above ready, you are ready to fight Xebos!


Run Through

Theres actually isn't anything special about Xebos,

you can heal through all damage taken with Avery's Ring easily while chipping Xebos hp down with Soulflare(x) for the first phase.


Once Xebos reach roughly about 275k HP left, Xebos will summon 5 Guardian of Am'orth, this will only happen once.

Guardian of Am'orth have a permanent Protect from Magic prayer turn on and will always heal Xebos when its hp hit below 275k.

Don't panic as you can still heal through all the damage with Soulflare (x) and Avery's Ring when they spawn,
swap ur weapon to Hanzou's Axe and gather all Guardian of Am'orth within the AoE range to hit all of them at once.
Once all of them are killed, you can safely swap back to Soulflare (x) and proceed to defeat Xebos for your first time and unlock Karma!



During my test run to create this Guide,

it took me about 500 Hanzou's Axe and have about 250 on ground after defeating all the Guardian of Am'orth.
And the entire run took about 8 Minutes to finish.


This is my first written guide, so I'm apologize if there's any mistake made

and I hope this helps all the new DSgang player!

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Very nice guide Kelv! I can definitely see this helping some newer players who cant quite afford an AK Asiimov quite yet

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I struggled with Xebos for a while, wasting multiple invitations in the process, this guide makes the whole process much easier! Wish I had seen it before!

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Great guide!

Im sure alot of people need help with xebos

Ams this guide would help them alot.


Well done!

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