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Dreamers Monthly Revival

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The last Dreamers Monthly has been posted last November.

Which is solid 5 months ago. 


I've decided to freeze the Dreamers Monthly because the following reasons;

-I've went through personal stuff which blocked me from functioning properly for the team.

-News Team sort of became empty team, everyone left, no new applicants.


I'm going to attempt to revive the News Team & Dreamers Monthly back on the forums!

With @Australia's @The dibber help on my side.


There's going few things to change which are;


-Stable weekly salary

-Monthly a 1/2 picks a month

-New ranking system (more information later on thread)

-Potentially from Monthly to Weekly if team stable enough

-Open for new sections to expand the Monthly in the future.





Weekly Salary based on your duration of stay with the news team.

Month 1, Weekly 50m Cash + 1 gb pick (Tier 1)

Month 2, Weekly 65m Cash + 1 gb pick (Tier 1)

Month 3, Weekly 80m cash + 1 gb pick (Tier 1)

Month 4, Weekly 80m cash + 2 gb picks (Tier 1)

Month 5, Weekly 95m Cash + 2 gb picks (Tier 1)

Month 6, Weekly 110m Cash + 2 gb picks (Tier 1)

Month 7, Weekly 130m Cash + 1 gb pick (Tier 2)

Month 8, Weekly 150m Cash + 1 gb pick (Tier 2)

Month 9, Weekly 170m Cash + 1 gb pick (Tier 2)

Month 10, Weekly 190m Cash + 1 gb pick (Tier 2)

Month 11, Weekly 190m Cash + 2 gb pick (Tier 2)

Month 12, Weekly 200m Cash + 2 gb pick (Tier 2)
Month 13, Unknown


Goodiebag once a month.

Tier 1



Tier 2






We'll be introducing several new rank positions which are;



This is usually someone has been around for a while.

Represents as a back up if the manager decides to resign or even quits before a new manager.

Also the Director is responsible of Salary & Monthly Goodiebags, future events for our lovely fans!


A loyalty program

Month 1 till month 13.

After that hasn't been decided yet. That'll become our issue about 6 months from now.

This new loyalty program allows us lay down more options in the future.

In rewards wise, responsibilities, promotions.

You'll be able to skip 1 month before losing your entire streak.


Are you the one we are looking for? Join us now!






Apply here! 






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I looked forward to the Dreamers Monthly all the time! Along with those juicy rewards, I would expect plenty of help coming your way! I can't wait to see the next month guys!

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