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Testing... testing... 1 2 3?

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Name's testingthiss (for your sake just call me test or testing if you want to be fancy boi)

I dunno I'm making this kinda late as I lamost have bis gear already, but rather later than never am I right?

Tbh I know my fair share of the game and server so if any of you new bois are there and need help drop me a pm and I'll see what I can do :))


P.S. Gya is my waifu <33

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21 hours ago, Jladams said:

I know the feeling, I never made a formal introduction either but you know what, you're right, better late than never! Glad to have you part of the server!


21 hours ago, Craftys said:

Better late than never! Welcome to DS man! Glad to have you here. :)


7 hours ago, Bodhi said:

Welcome!! Enjoy ya stay here with ussss

Better late than nevaahhh ;);) 


Thanks guys <33 I've been in dreamscape for a better part of the year so :DD Kinda late XD love ya'll


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