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Feedback 2020 Jan

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9aEeedt.gifChuck (Owner)

Incredible owner interacting much with the community.

9aEeedt.gif CjBear (Co-Owner)

Bear certainly has grown with the task of being co-owner. Keep up the good work!



hXWV3qp.gifFeeds (Server Manager)

Been here since beginning of time - just a key part of the #DSgang

UUiFnP8.gifLt Limes (Head Support)

Whenever tickets are made, I see them solved quite fast. Thumps up!



UUiFnP8.gifJason (Administrator)

Hard working, always committed to whatever he's doing.


UUiFnP8.gifAustralia (Administrator)

Always eager to take on a new task, whether hard or simple,

and tackles it diligently, without question or complaint. This positive attitude inspires others too. 


T2gZbYt.gifSriVdUY.gifBodhi (Forum Administrator, Server Support)

Always active on forums, answers any questions, simply hard working!



fTkZF2h.gifRegis (In-Game Moderator)

Haven't yet had the pleasure to talk/see him in-game yet.

Server Support(s)


SriVdUY.gifJota (Server Support)

Haven't yet had the pleasure to talk/see him in-game yet.

SriVdUY.gifAfade (Server Support)

Haven't yet had the pleasure to talk/see him in-game yet.


What do you think of the Server? Is there something you'd like to see change?

Incredible how DS keeps on going - It's partly a great staff but surely great community. Innovation is always welcome!

What do you think of our latest updates? On what should we focused at?

Great updates lately! I'm just looking forward for more to explore!




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