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Mini Patch, Focusing on Bug fixes only

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Quick fixed a few items that was going into cosmetic slot, removing the bonus 

- there will be a massive improvement in line for this coming update for cosmetic slots! in the future you can equip any items into the cosmetic slot except for weapons / auras

Fixed Voting abuse where players were using VPN to receive multiple rewards.

Fixed Sponsor Zone's magegrays, not being 1 hit

Fixed Sponsor Zone's ::bank command

Fixed Sponsor Zone's NPCs not giving Sponsor Points

Fixed Sponsor Zone's Instance portal tele-ing you to the old sponsor zone.

Fixed Emperor's Necklace i not giving the correct bonuses

Reduced the up time on Flowers for Flower poker to avoid confusion 

Skotizo Drops fixed to be Single drop only

Added a notification for players to see that items have been added to their collection chest if they gambled and inventory is full. Items will be sent to the collection chest

Fixed a bug for treasure-hunter chest where players are unable to get above level 1 chest






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