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Dreamscape Update 131 New Dicezone, New Sponsor Zone, New Train zone and plenty more!

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First of all Happy New Year to every Dreamer! It's the start of 2020, Its time we rework some of the zones which has been in the game for a good few years, its time to give them a nice face lift ! Some bug fixes and more!

Scroll down to read up on every single detail ! 






We have been receiving feedback that the train zone was cramped. We have made an entirely new map for the zone and included 2 NEW NPCs to the zone!

Optimus Prime and Grimlock 






The zone's NPC are in the NEW, LARGER, SPACIOUS ZONE! 

2 New NPCs are included in the zone


Optimus Prime 


This 2 unique NPCs gives 2 training points instead of 1 !

A chance to get the pet version of this NPCs

giving you a boost in 10% DROP RATE! 





Get yours today now at ::train !






We can't forget our beloved sponsors from getting a Zone revamp! 

NPCs are all the same however sponsors now have a nicer and modern look for their zone!

making npcs all compacted close to the teleport, so players will not have run around to search for them!


You can access the zone with ::ownercape / ::sponsorzone




Currently there are empty spaces in the zone

we will be working to figure out what to include into the zone that's unique for the zone!







Recently dicezone has been getting really active! We are introducing a new DICEZONE! 

made cleaner and to look more modern, with our server constantly growing, we need to keep our older stuffs up to date! 




You no longer need ranks to hold any amount of pots for flower poker

Because this will be done AUTOMATICALLY similar to Dice Duel and NPC Duel








Everything will be automated now you will not have to worry bout finding a Middle man for your BIG FLOWER POKER POTS!


in regards to this, Current Trusted Dicers will be tasked to handle different task.

They are still the person to go to get price checks and they will still monitor the Dicezone


The High roller Room ( Only for Sponsors + )








Voting has always been an issue within the community where it was never giving enough for the community! 

We have decided to buff up the rewards and perks you get from voting to make it worthwhile! 

with players constantly voting for us! We aim to be the Number 1 in all sites! Dreamscape will forever be no.1 !


Whenever you vote now, you will receive 1m DS Coins per Vote you complete / Claim

When you have completed all 4 votes / Claims you will receive a Drop rate boost of 20% for 2 hours! 





Cosmetic overwrite is finally here to help you showcase your fashionscape skills while PVM-ing!

How does this work?

Any item mainly ( helmet, Body, Legs, Cape )

WEAPONS are not affected 


There is 2 kind of equipment tab now

1 for main equips ( with stats )
1 for cosmetic equips ( no stats )

How do u equip cosmetics ?
it will automatically go into the cosmetic slot when equipped








Located at ::upgrade 


this new chest will bring your END GAME ITEMS to the NEXT LEVEL!

more items ill be introduced to this chest in the future



When upgrading you can select the OPTION to SAFE KEEP your item for a FEE of 750M DS coins per attempt



You can also choose not to Protect your item, saving you 750M DS coins 

however when you fail, you will lose your item.




Stats of New upgraded items ( all items upgraded are untradable )


BFG9000 i

Range attack 7000 
Range strength 7000
Drop rate  15%
Double drop rate 15%
Luck 15%


BFG9000 offhand i
Range attack 7000 
Range strength 7000


Emperor's Ring i

Grants Magnet effect
Scroll of returning effect
Upgrade hourglass effect
Scroll of souls effect
Scroll of fire effect
Scroll of blood effect
20% Drop rate
20% Double Drop rate
20% luck
Healing effect
40% tribrid Damage 


Emperor's Necklace i

 50% Drop Rate ( remove the dynamic drop rate effect ) 
40% Tribrid Damage Boost 
20% Double Drop rate
20% Luck Bonus
20% Boost to your maximum HP
Unlimited Revs instances
2 x generate cash directly into your money pouch, at the same rate as AFK Island.
A 35% increase to Ultra Rare loot from the Soul Chest
A 35% boost to upgrade success rate


Ultron Pet

30% drop rate
30% double drop rate
20% luck bonus 
Prayer Restore
1 in 5 chance to 3x your max damage on your main target





Fixed Sexy Alexa Pet to be untradable

Fixed Reanimated Werewolves, being one hit 

Increased Reanimated Werewolves spawn

Fixed Skotizo Key to be untradable

Fixed Issues caused when Voting

Fixed Dynamic Boxes giving Discontinued items

Removed Christmas World Boss

Fixed Vorkath Loot issue

Fixed Instances double drop issues ( mainly Platinum zone and Executive Zone )

Fixed Slayer Shop 2 Archer's Cape costing more than 5000 slayer points

Increased POS listing limit to 10B instead of 2.174B

Fixed abyssal sire task bug




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Another awesome update to Dreamscape! Love to see the constant content pumped out by the dev team. Keep up the great work! #DSGang

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Absolutely love this update. Other than making me spend all my money trying for the new BIS items lol. Love seeing the updates to how some of the areas look and function! The auto FP is a huge game changer! 


Keep up the amazing work everyone! 

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Very nice update although I’m not a fan of the automatic fping but that’s a personal thing I guess.

This basically means rest in peace to the TD team.

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Great update, I am disappointed about one specific part about it though, that being the sponsor+ dice zone. There are many sponsors who are dirt poor, and many people under the sponsor who are really rich, it doesn't make sense it have them separated when everyone's end goal is the same - to gamble. I can predict that the sponsor area is mostly going to be dead due to the fact that the 'normal' zone will be more populated. Either way, thanks for the update!

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Good update overall, but some feedback:


- New training spot is great.

- ::vote perk is genius

- Cosmetics equipment - some bugs but I think people have already reported them.

- Buff Shadow Pet since Ultron is OP and people don't have to buy it from the store. I think Shadow should still be vastly superior as the best pet in-game because you have to buy them via store/bonds. 

- The automated FP is a big hit and dicezone has been very active since the update.

- Flowers in dicezone are stacked on each other and flowers don't show when they run into those "dices/flower pot" objects. Should remove all unnecessary objects in that room.

- 750M cash for an emperor upgrade seems too steep for a money sink. I'm not sure if many people will be eager to upgrade. Perhaps add more perks or reduce the costs. 

- Revamp Elite Lava Strykewyrm: realistically speaking, how many people are going to sacrifice their lava sets for a 1/10 chance of getting duplicate items? I think this content should be revised for more participation. A solution would be to make those elite lava pieces interchangeable with a shop so people don't run into duplicate items. 

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idc ive lost left and right gambling since the update. but you have turned fp into dd now and it is boring as shit. cmon you dont need automated flowers. do better ds. youve ruined the llast fun thing in this game.

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Amazing work as always ! I love the dicezone one the most also the vote system Yaiks! #DSGANG

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I really dislike the new sponsor zone, the decision to put olafs ontop of necros was a bad decision, also having mage grays across the entire planet even worse, would be better if olafs and mage grays swapped places

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