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Dreamscape Update 129 Christmas Events, Christmas World Boss, Seasonpass improvements and more!

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It's the time of the year again Christmas is here and Dreamscape is here to celebrate with everyone! Christmas Box! Christmas Quest! Christmas Event! ton of ways to celebrate Christmas! 

There are plenty nice updates and many more! scroll down to view them all! 






Start the Quest!

Head over to ::home and talk to the SnowMan



You will go through a series of interesting dialogue and receive a Scroll of Christmas

Read the scroll to be teleported to the event map


Talk to Santa to proceed

You will be tasked to kill 75 Evil Elves

Once done head back to santa and he will hand you a snow bazooka

He will now assign you to kill Snow Rangers to get Starlight of Christmas



Note that if have collector's necklace, the starlight of Christmas will be in your bank! 


Once done, Head over back to Santa and he will ask you to Hunt for a few Presents! 


Once you have found all 3 presents, you can read the scroll of Christmas and head over back to Santa! 

Going through a few dialogues and you are done!

A Snow Bazooka for Fashionscape

A Christmas Present which will give you a Evil Snowman Set for Collection

and 100k Scavenger XP



At the end of the quest you can always teleport back to the evil elves and farm for the armour set! 

each piece is set at a drop rate of 1 in 3500 

Giving you some insane stats! 

NPC will be removed once the event ends! make sure to get your exclusive evil elf armor and weapon! 








Similar to our current world boss system, However this is in the theme of the holiday! 

The Santa world boss has an enormous HP pool and will require the work of everyone together as a server to take him down ! 

Look out for Alerts about the Santa World Boss Spawning at various locations! 


Spawn Locations 

Varrock - Dark wizard area 
Falador - outside the front gates of Falador city
Draynor Village - Besides the bank 
Al Kharid - Near the gates of Between Al kharid and Lumbridge
Catherby - fishing spot East of bank 
Barbarian Village - West of the village 



Top 10 players who did the most amount of damage to the boss will have a chance receive a drop from the unique drop table
All players will receive a static drop 

All drops are uniquely Santa hats which are great for collection!

of course some DS coins for your efforts! 
a surprise of 1 x RARE CHANCE TO GET Christmas Box 2019




To celebrate Christmas we are releasing a box themed for Christmas! 

When opened it should give you a total of 9 items

You can get the christmas box from HERE



Contents of Box 

1 x Christmas Cracker 
1 x 20-40m cash
1 x Random Dream Potion 
1 x GrandLottery Book 
1 x Donation Point Book 
1 x 15 - 75 code keys 
1 x Christmas Coupon
1 x Random Gear 
1 x Random Box 


Christmas Coupon (untradable) ( similar concept as the code key but without the chest ) 
When Claimed user will get a chance to get Rare Cosmetic Rares! if not you will get DS coins 


Random Box 

Ultra Mystery Box 
Dream Mystery Box
Dynamic Box 
Tactical Box 
Kismet Box
Box of Wealth 
Box of Wisdom 
Warfare Box 
Ownercape Goodiebox 
Icy Glaive Goodiebox 
Prod Cape Goodiebox
BFG9000 Goodiebox
2K19 box ( 22810 )

Random Gear 

Ultimate Dream Katana
M4A4 Asiimov
Infinity Gauntlets
Golden Minigun
Crystal Set 
Collector’s Necklace
Necromancer Jr
Avery Ring 


Ak-47 Asiimov 
Eternal Khione Staff 
Diablo Jr 
 Avery’s Ring i


 Ultra Rare 
 Helicopter Pet 
 Thanos Pet 
 Charged Infinity Gauntlets 
 Hades Sword 
 Dream Range Set 
 Dream Melee Set 
 Dream Mage Set 
 BFG9000 Offhand 





Dreamzone minigame! 
Free2play friendly area where you will have to grind for your Gear! 

Get a Fashionable Boxing gloves weapon! 

Giving insane melee stats!

You will have to grind from the very bottom of Bronze Boxing Gloves 

Up to 10 tiers to farm from Bronze to Heavenly 


How to get there ? 

::altar / North of Home 

Talk to Dreamy Wizard! 


You will be teleported to Dreamzone after paying 1m Ds coins via your pouch! 

This counts as per Teleport, if you leave the zone for whatever reasons, to re-enter the zone you will need to pay another 1m to enter

You can log out in Dream Zone and when you log back in you will still be in Dream Zone !




Once there you can start killing Dreamons! 

They are very easy to kill and have 5000HP

Getting the first one, Bronze will unlock the drop of Iron and so on...

This unique drop table is not affected by DROP RATE BONUSES 

Drop rate of Boxing Gloves all tiers 

Bronze 1 in 250
Iron 1 in 500
Black 1 in 750
Mithril 1 in 1000
Addy 1 in 1500
Rune 1 in 2000
Dragon 1 in 2500
Infernal 1 in 3000
Purple mist 1 in 3500
Heavenly 1 in 5000


Animation of Boxing Gloves in action! 






New items have been added to Dreamland Shop to give players a better incentive for doing the Minigame! 

Introducing the new Best in Slots, Gloves and  Boots



Ultimate Ranger, Mage,  Brawler Gloves 

Ultimate Melee, Range, Mage Boots 

Each of these Boots / Gloves cost 60k Dream tokens

You can combine all the Gloves together to get the Ultimate Tribrid Gloves / Boots


Each of the Gloves has Special effects! 

Melee : 1 in 10 Chance to do 1.5x Damage 

Ranger : 1 in 10 Chance to do a DOUBLE HIT

Mage : 1 in 10 Chance to do 1.5x Damage

You will not lose the effects after you combined it to the ultimate tribrid gloves


Stats / Showcase 







Combing for the ultimate tribrid gloves / boots







Bonds are now untradable, However you can sell them to the Black Market Dealer! 

The Black Market Dealer will work like a GENERAL STORE for BONDS

If a player sells a Bond to Black Market Dealer, the shop will buy Bonds for 33m 

Equivalent to $30 = 200m rule we have in ::rules (rule no.21)

Players can now buy Bonds from the Black Market Dealer if they're in Stock!"

Players can get Bonds at a fixed price of 66m per Bond from the Black Market Dealer, if anyone sells them to the Store!

this should help with donation prices and bond prices to be 100% stable and we will update accordingly with the current game's economy






New Accounts that are made are eligible for this promo package where they can do ::firstpromo to access it or when a New character's Trade cooldown timer of 15minutes its up, this will appear! 




We have improved the rates of getting "tiers" to level up your seasonpass with this update! 

allowing players to easily hit higher levels without much difficulty!

Previously the rates of getting a level up is insanely difficult! we have improved the rates 

First of all Paid pass users will now receive an insane rate of x 3 rates of getting tiers! 

even buying 10 tier levels on the webstore, as a paid user you will get 30 levels instead! 

Changes are listed below 

Black Diamond Box will give 100 Tier ( 1 level ) 

2K19 Box will give 20 Tier ( 20% of 1 level )

Easter Box will give 20 Tier ( 20% of 1 level )

Centurion Box will give 20 Tier ( 20% of 1 level )

Every BattleGround Game Win - 50 Tier
Every 1 Hourly of being active - 100 Tier( caps at 500 Tier every 24 Hourly )
( paid users will cap at 1000 Tier every 24hours )




SeasonPass Rewards when claimed will now go to Collection Chest! 





A new item has been added to Undead Lancelot's drop table

introducing a new melee offhand that will close the gap between Inferno spirit shield and Hades offhand







Devious set - 150 vote tickets
AK Asiimov - 150 vote tickets
Extreme donator ticket - 100 vote tickets 
Crystal set - 150 tickets 
Necromancer Jr -  125 tickets 




Fixed issue with Platinum token box not being stackable

Fixed issue with ironman being able to use BJ tables to host gambles

Fixed issue with Guardian of Am`orth being able to safespot

Fixed issue with Undead Lancelot being able to safespot

Fixed issue Platinum Spirit Shield unable to sell to Plat Shop

Fixed Groudon Keys not being stackable

Fixed issue with Season Pass Daily Task not accounting for some Raids bosses

Fixed issue with Season Pass Daily Task showing Nulls

Fixed Graphical Error on Season Pass Daily Task progression bar

Fixed Strykewyrm minigame's minions to be immune to poison

Fixed issue with Trinity Raid teleporting player to Old home 

Fixed Soulwell's Information to indicate DS coins instead of B

Fixed issue with ::ref not working for some players

Improved the visual of Platinum Icon giving it a new look

Reduced DreamLand's minigame overall difficulty by 25%

Changed option on Dreamland's to switch between EASY mode and NORMAL mode

New items added to Dreamland's Shop

Removed Food / Potion drops for Raids

Balanced Hades Cleaver 

Added a Max hit of 20K damage for Strykewyrm King

Added Killcount for Hades

Added EXAMINE feature on NPCS to show Drop Table 

Added a new option for ::showtop  ( monthly and all time )

-monthly ::showtop, top 3 donators will receive $50, $100, $200 in custom scroll in their collection chest 

Added keyboard functions for NPCs dialogues and options ( space bars and keys 1-4 )

Snow effect has been turned on for certain areas

Changed directory of ::support, brings you over to the new support guide







Custom Donation
Corrupted Blaster 



Custom Donation

tolose's virginity protector 


Custom Donation

number 1 virgin protector





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Absolutely love the hard work! this update is an answer to many of the things the community has been looking for! thank you so much!


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