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Dreamscape Update 128 Donor Perks, New elo system and many more!

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Donor Perks! New Elo Donor Bonuses! NEW BOSS! NEW NEW NEW! 

some bug fixes and improvements as well!
Scroll down below to get more information!!







A new Requirements of 1000 npc kills a day

Stat multiplier based on Donator Rank;

Regular: 1.1x

Super: 1.2x

 Extreme: 1.3x

Sponsor: 1.75x

 Executive: 2.5x

Platinum: 4x

note :  ELO is disabled in DreamLand.

Future contents will have elo disabled in some of them. 





This damage boost is hidden similar to Emperor's Necklace Tribrid Damage Boost


Super Donor Rank stats multi : 5% tribrid damage boost 


Extreme Donor Rank stats multi : 10% tribrid damage boost


Sponsors Donor Rank stats multi : 20% tribrid damage boost 


Executive Donor Rank Stats multi : 30% tribrid damage boost 


Platinum Donor Rank stats Multi : 50% tribrid damage boost 







Once an item has +10 enchantments item 
Only perfect stones will never degrade your enchantment below +10

giving players a better chance in trying to get to +11, +12 or even up to +15! 
previously the stone will reduce the enchantment if it fails without a cap
with this new improvement, players will have a better shot in trying to further without risking of going below +10 enchantments.






Introducing Undead LanceLot 

HP: 350,000

Difficulty : Medium
Drains Prayer 


You can find the boss via Teleport - Bosses - Last on the list 




Drop of NPC 



Stats of Armor and Weapon 








We have decided to further buff the shadow pet 

adding a 1 in 5 chance to do 2.5x damage! Giving the shadow a bigger desire to get it !

You can get a Shadow Pet via webstore





Fixed enchantment drop issue not going into bank
Fixed Black Market Dealer issue







Ninfin1's Execko 

Halloween Raffle Winner Prize




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Amazing Update keep it Going CJBEAR ❤️ your amazing with all the work and dedication you've put into this server. Greatly Appreciated ^^^ KEEPING IT #1

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Thank you Cjbear for hearing us out on the Elo and this is a great compliment making Elo even more incredible then before. Awesome that Shadow Pet has a buff too :)

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