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Dreamscape Update 126 BUG FIXES and Quality of Life focused!

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This patch we are going to focus on the bug fixes we are going to address all of them and giving Dreamers a better experience in Dreamscape!






We have decided to allow Bonds to be Eligible to be used for GoodieBags entry 

You can now donate X amount of Bonds to enter Goodiebags

that are activated by the Admins Hosting the Goodiebag !

However they are still not eligible for Customs 






  • Visual Bug fixes with Hades Sword interaction with Pikachu NPC
  • Fixed Executive Zone's NPC to be giving Executive points per kill
  • Adjusted that Executive Dragon cannot be one hit
  • Adjusted Executive Dragon's spawn time
  • Fixed issue with Executive zone. You will need the cape to one hit.
  • ::train npcs should all give train points
  • Fixed issue with ::train shop not being able to purchase anything
  • Fixed Strykewyrm minigame phase 2, Blood strykewyrm. Corrected the Hp
  • Fixed Strykewyrm minigame when you end the minigame, should tele you back to the new home
  • Made all Competitive Account to Ironman Accounts
  • Fixed issue with Groudon Pet  not giving bonuses
  • Groudon Pet is now tradable
  • Pinata Stick is now tradable
  • Fixed Bonds to be Tradable







Custom Donation 

Sweaty's Drip and Drop 




Platinum Loot Crate Item 

Platinum Thumper


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