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My name is Norm, in-game known as 0l Braimy (with a zero)

As they say you don't quit Runescape, you just take breaks. 
I recently got a major craving for some nostalgic gameplay and tought i would try out some of the private servers to satisfy my needs as i sold my OSRS account years ago.
So i googled for RSPS and Dreamscape showed up. At first i tought i would play for a few hours and then move on, but before you know it, i have played for a week non-stop.
Dreamscape's custom items and bosses really intriquied me and the community has made the experience of learning the game from zero absolutely amazing.
I've enjoyed my stay in the server so tought i'd check out the forums as well. 

So cheers and thank you for the warm welcome in-game!


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Hey Braimy, it was nice to see you last night at Amfisca, Paulinso’s dd tournament! We had loads of fun, hope to see you in the future more involved with the community!


Enjoy your stay here with us! If you’re looking for help, look for Clanchat “help” or whoever is yelling to help others!


We’ll meet ingame more often! 

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