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Dreamscape Update 124 Halloween Event, Halloween box, Vote Rework & more !

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Aye Dreamers, in today's update we are finally bringing you the long await Halloween patch and boxes! We are also revamping our vote rewards to bring more value for players who vote for us! 






The long await Halloween Quest is here in DreamScape to stay till the 18/11/2019

You can start the quest at the north of home near the altars ::altar works too




After asking Jack the Scarecrow what's the issue, he will ask you to look for the witch!

You can look for the witch at Draynor Village 



Look for the witch's cat somewhere in Draynor village. 


Pick up the cat and head back to the witch.

The witch will hand you items to give Jack the scarecrow.

Head back to Jack and the Quest will be completed!


You will get the Jack Lantern Mask and a BroomStick 

1,000,000 Scavenger Exp  and 5m cash








Introducing to you Dreamers !  The Brand new Halloween Box!

It will only be available on the store for a limited period of time!


Opening the box, you will be given 
1 x Random Cash up to 
20m ds coins!

1 x Halloween Theme Cosmetic piece!

1 x Random Reward of PVM gear!

( A rare chance to get 1 of the 2 Halloween Theme 1 hit stats Item )

Custom and Textured 

The Brand new Forgotten Olaf Scythe and The H'ween Maul




Every Purchase of this box = 1 entry towards a raffle.

At the end of the Halloween Event ( 11/18/2019 )

The Winner will be announced via the Forum!







Introducing the all NEW Shadow Pet !

This is the revolutionary pet that will change the way you PVM! 

It will mimic your character's movement , always lurking behind you!

Even when you are attacking an NPC the shadow will attack together with you! giving you an additional hit.


Shadow Pet's Stats

deals 30% of player's damage as an additional hit.
Prayer Restore
Healing effects
20% drop rate
20% double rate 
20% Luck
20% damage boost to melee, mage and range 
Passive cash that stacks with Emperor's Necklace based  on your donor rank


This pet will only be available in the store for $800

Early Bird Special! The Price will be $500 till 11/18/2019










We have decided to make these selected items Trade-able again! 

Dream Pieces, BFG9000 Off hand, Helicopter Pet, Emperor's Ring, Emperor's Necklace, Lava Minigun, Lava Scythe and all Auras except the Infinity Aura.






It has been a long time coming! But it is finally here!

Today we have finally updated and improved our vote rewards!

Instead of getting codes where you will have to key it in.

You can now use ::claim and get your NEW "Vote Tickets" 

This vote tickets is the new currency for Votes.

You can trade them! We have also added a new NPC to ::shops

The Vote Shop!









- Strykewyrm Minigame teleport has been placed beside the Slayer Master at home

- Included Protection Prayers in the Donor Prayer Book

- Xebos invitation will now stop you from using more than 1

- Alpha Penguin Caves should stop randomly killing people with a ' 99 poison hit ' when entering

- Buying drygore off hands will now limit to 28 per inventory

- Black Market Dealer will now only take in Impling jars 

- Fixed Legendary Boxing Gloves spelling error in name

- Fixed Charged Infinity Gauntlets U

- Fixed Hades Cleaver U

- You can only right click pets now, it will not affect your clicks when u are pvm-ing

- Added a new command ::callpet to return pets to inventory

- Fixed issue with pick pocketing, now gives DS Coins instead of Coins.

- Fixed issue with having two kinds mystery box

- Fixed Daily Task giving a fixed reward when spinning

- Reduced the rate of getting Khione Staff from Daily task

- Fixed Overload and Prayer Boost to stats applying the correct formula 

- Fixed Achievement " Witch Hunter " will now progress correctly

- Disabled Bank button to be used at any instances 







H'ween Maul 

Obtainable from Halloween Box





Olaf's Forgotten Scythe

Obtainable from Halloween Box





God's Slayer

Custom Donation





Hc Fiire's Inferno Dreams

Custom Donation





Quackerjacks and Aflac

Custom Donation








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