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Dreamscape Update 123 Bug fixes and Quality of life Focused!

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Hey there Dreamers this patch! we are focusing on knocking out every known and reported bug!

Requested Quality of Life Changes! All these have been heard! 





- Xebos Invitation are now stackable.

- Event Boxes are now stackable.

- ::shops teleports you to the front of the shops East of Home.

- Starter Task 2/17 was giving players wrong information on where the altar is, it's corrected now.

- Starter Task 16/17 was giving the wrong information of the reward upon completion. it's corrected.

- Arcade Teleport ::arcade now teleports you infront of the arcade console.

- Completing Arcade will now teleport you back to the front of the Arcade console.

- Added a Daily Attempt limit to Hellmode Arcade  3 times a day, 24 hourly.

- Nerf Hellmode Arcade token by 50%.

- Enrage Hades Drop has been fixed where players were receiving a "null" it is corrected now.

- Hades Pet Buff, being a difficult boss to slay, the pet deserves a well deserving buff instead of it being a cosmetic pet. 
Hades Pet stats :  10% drop rate , 10% double drop rate , 10% luck , 20% tribrid damage boost, Healing effect , Prayer Restore effect, " Burn effect " inflicting passive 750 burn damage.

- Emperor's Ring Buff : Removed 30% range Damage Boost, Now has a 30% Tribrid Damage Boost.

- ::roofs to toggle roofs.

- BFG9000 U fixed. Has 10% drop rate bonus , 10% double drop rate bonus , 10% luck bonus Hits. 

fixed the aoe to hit 9 x 9 properly.

-A new command to check your daily task, ::task  this way you do not have to constantly go back and check on what's left.

- 2 bank booths at ::dicezone working as intended now. 

- Karma item , Fitbit should be giving agility exp now when equipped.

- Black Market Dealer now takes impling jars and junk for ds coins.

- Raids Daily Task now will take the top 3 damage dealer instead of the top damage dealer.

- Dream Mystery box , reward text fixed when you get 500B now gives the correct text 500 ds coins

- When leveling Hunter, it will now say Hunter, instead of construction.

- disabled ::bank for abyssalsire and other instances.




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Lots of fixes which is awesome, thank you:)


hell mode arcade nerf feels bad for everyone doing hell mode without customs. It literally takes 3-4 hours with the best possible gear minus customs so you can Easly get more tokens just doing reg arcade.

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Great fixes and adds!


Can the following be implented for Avengers Arcade as well? Still TP Home, Thanks !

"Completing Arcade will now teleport you back to the front of the Arcade console."



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