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to start scavenger can be leveled by open boxes using crystal keys combing souls successfully upgrading an item ect.

one of the most known ways to get your scav xp fast is by buying drygore off hands from ::shops    

youll want to look for candi she sells them quick fast xp

              Drygore Offhand Equiped

the second way is opening lots  of crystal chests now along with the awesome scav xp that u gather u are capable of getting these items


Crystal Key Loot

after crystal chest by far the best way to gain your scav xp in my opinion is the arcade

as u can see the drop table arcade = ez scav xp 
scav is a great skill to have they have a shop that has great items as well as u can sell some of ur rares to get more rares 😄


now as u can see on the table here scav isnt to bad to grind out now combining armor pieces is 100k xp now thats gotta be difficult 

i wouldnt mind combine some dream armor so if u have dream pieces and want scab xp go buy the other peices

scavenger is a boring skill but completely worth it the one thing that is grat u can get a trix orb from the shop i also got yeezys

so be sure to grind ur scav big time and sell ur rares to the scav store at ::upgrade

this may not have been very in depth but scavenger isnt in depth so ez pz scav xp :D

Method Unsuccessful XP Successful XP
Easy Upgrade 100 1,000
Medium Upgrade 500 5,000
Hard Upgrade 1000 10,000
Dream Upgrade 2500 25,000
Play Battlegrounds N/A 1,000
Win Battlegrounds N/A 2,500
Combine Armor Pieces N/A 100,000
Level 99 in a Skill N/A 1,000
Level 120 in a Skill N/A 2,500
Level 150 in a Skill N/A 5,000
Arcade Minigame N/A 1 per token earned
Obtain Skilling Pet N/A 10,000
Get Announced Drop N/A 10,000



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