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Before you try to complete the arcade u have a minimum gear set up that youll need. also remeber if you stand still for to long the poison stack will get you so move every minute or so just one square at a time.                                                                                                                                             

                                                                                                                                                 ak-47 assimov (25-30m)

                                                                                                                                                                                                    AVERYS RING (25-30M)


first set up is range a minimum of american pern ,ak-47 assimov,averys ring and necro jr                           AKAsiimovEquipped                                                image.png.6dfe8bcc016a8fb452d60f42afd7366e.png


for mage a minimum of blizzard virtus,eternal khiones staff,averys ring and necro jr



i wouldnt recommend melee in the arcade unless u have atleast hades cleaver averys ring and necro jr.


                                                                                                                      eternal khiones staff (25-30m)


                                                                                                                                                                             NECRO JR (30-40M)

now the reason for necro jr and averys ring is they will be acting as your soulsplit.Khione Staff EquippedNecromancer Jr 





now that we have gear covered moving on to prayers

as well as berserker and deflect melee you will leach everything.the point of the leach is to keep the oppenents stats down as much as you can.deflect melee is strictly so link doesnt stack all your health


the deflect melee is going to come in handy when link comes around. link can hit very hard and he combos so deflecting melee will prevent a little damage from him which is a big deal.


so gear set up necro jr and averys ring .

averys ring has a healing effect as well as necro jr does.

both of them together will keep you healed aslong as u keep the mobs stacked up so u can inflict alot of aoe damage.

 so we have the basic gear set up we know what prayers to use now its time to get into the arcade


now the first 40 waves with the gear set up as mentioned above will make it a cake walk.



try to stay in the north east corner most of the time.

The reason behind staying in the north east corners i because the mobs will move to you and kinda stay together maiking it easy to keep ur heals up.

remeber averys and necro will keep your hp up as long as  you stack the mobs.



making sure the mobs are stacked together is very important to keeping ur health up.

the north east corner is the perfect spot. so the first 44 waves are cake 45 through fifty is difficult. 

when aproaching a wave with lava croft remeber she uses soul split so have some super restores with you of course is key. approaching wave 45 through 50 is when you really have to buckle down.



so we know lava croft uses soulsplit the raidens are a bit difficult at some times u want to be in the north west corner a little to the south which i show in the pic below.

it is very important that ur get the raidens stacked together when both of them come which is wave 45


Wave 40 1x Donkey Kong, 1x Helicopter, & 4x Police Car
Wave 41 1x Lava Croft
Wave 42 1x Diablo
Wave 43 1x Raiden
Wave 44 1x Dark Raiden
Wave 45 1x Raiden & 1x Dark Raiden
Wave 46 1x Raiden, 1x Dark Raiden, 1x Diablo, & 1x Lava Croft
Wave 47 1x Link
Wave 48 1x Link & 1x Lava Croft
Wave 49 1x Link, 1x Lava Croft, 1x Diablo
Wave 50 1x Link, 1x Lava Croft, 1x Diablo, 1x Dark Raiden, & 1x Raiden


                                                                           stay in this square until the mobs move towards you when they do you will move south 1 square at a time to stack the raidens together



after you have stacked the raidens and kill them then comes wave 46 you will use the same tactics as befor stay in the square above and move one square at a time to stack the foes 

it is important to keep the npcs stacked together for the most soulsplit possible 




467686642_thesnipfords1.png.743d037dbfb9075633b998f4be875ccd.png  here i have marked the squares you will move to stack the monsters when they begin to get close you can start to move 1 square at a time



you will use this tactic all the way through the last five waves

the last five waves are very instense so be ready

 just remeber if link a lava croft are on the field focus on them first.

at the same time focus on stacking the creatures 


when you get to the heavier waves such as 46,49 and 50

you will focuse on getting them in a decent spot if you look at the picture above 5 is where you will end up. the reason is 

is because thats where the raidens will come together

the raidens can ruin ur day


just keep using the same tactic stay in the box until they start coming,get a couple attacks in befor you make ur first move.when they get close then ur make ur first move

keep the aoe damage on them to stay alive and remember to get rid of link a lava croft first

on the last wave do not eat do not pot move fast and attack right after u move 

the final wave u will stay in the square when they get close you attack and then move one square 

slighty move a little bit everytime on the final wave until your in box number 5

at that point you will have most of the creatures stackked and taking damage

focus on all of them attack fast and right when they die instantly start fighting the raidens unless you were lucky enough to line them up to

 most people are bound to die there first couple tries but dont give up youll get it.

just remeber






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Great guide! Definitely going to help some of the new people that are struggling with completing arcade :)

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