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Dreamscape Update 122 Hell Arcade, Extreme Donor Zone, Groudon and more!

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This Week's update we will be focusing on Extreme Zone and also revamping 

Many of the lower tier bosses to drop DS Coins to give new players an entirely new way to progress! Bug fixes and more!  This update will be beneficial for everyone! Lets have a look!







The Groudon pet is a rare drop from the Boss itself!

When used it gives 15% drop rate and 10% double drop rate!


You can Upgrade the pet using the upgrade chest at ::upgrade

The Lava Groudon Pet will give you a new bonus worthy of your sacrifices to get him!

15% Drop rate bonus 10% double drop rate and SoulSplit effect!

However it becomes untradable.






We have improved the drop table of the following Bosses with DS Coins as a common drop


Gio's Hoe, Icey Skeleton, Shadow king, Phoenix, Sea Troll Queen, Callisto, Venenatis and Scorpia.


This NPCs will have a common drop of DS coins ranging from 25 to 1000 

This should help new players ease their way through early stages of the game when purchasing new gears! 





We have added a Zone Exclusive Drop for Extreme Donor Zone!

All Bosses in Extreme zone with 100% drop of 25 ds coins per kill. This will help players with the issue of looking for a drop when they can farm up ds coins! 


We have Added Guardians of Amorth to the Extreme Zone 






Introducing the NEW HELL MODE ARCADE!

with all the customs and overpowered gear we have in the server, arcade has been a walk in the park for many of the end game players.


This new mode will give players a test on their endurance in the Arcade!

Get your hands on the all new Tribrid Inferno Cape


Giving you the best in game obtainable cape!


It will require you to sacrifice a Tribrid Infernal Cape to enter the Hell Arcade!



Note that the Hell mode Arcade is 100x hp of the Extreme arcade

55 waves of pure madness!

Tokens earned is 10x more!


Get Ready your Gears and Get yourself the all new Tribrid Inferno Cape!






We have decided to change ELO Leaderboards to be a monthly reset on it
You will still keep your elo however every month the top 3 ELO players will receive a prize!

Do look forward to that!






Rejoice Platinum Partners! We introduce to you Superior Platinum Set Tier One !


You will need 200k platinum tokens to upgrade 1 piece of the armor 

Total you will need 600k platinum tokens to get the full set!




Not only the stats has been improved! 

we have added 30% luck bonus, 60% drop rate and 30% double drop rate!



 - Fixed issue with bank swapping. 

 - Increased the bet limits for Roulette Table to 50M.

 - Added a new command ::feedback , For players to input their feedback about the server!

 - ELO is fixed at Raids it should apply the correct formula.

 - ::switchkc  to toggle on/off kill count messages.

 - Fixed issue with penguin staff upgrade scroll not applying to penguin staff (u)

 - Fixed issue with Daily Task rolling the same rewards.

 - Fixed Daily Task not registering for Oak logs

 - Fixed Issue with Mega Rare Drop Table overlapping with ::afk time

 - Fixed Venenatis Spawn 

 - Fixed World Boss being invulnerable 

 - Fix issue with ::mydeals not working.

 - Merged ::mydeals into ::deals , you can view it all in one interface.




Exclusive Sneak peek for people who reads patch notes :)

A fearsome foe will be appearing in Dreamscape soon. 
a new minigame like activity, testing players to their ability and skills
 in PVM

this is a preview of the final boss of the place. Subjects to changes.



click the image to see the gif animation of it's attack








Sperm Dibber's BFGs 

Custom Donation



Volsa V1's Cape

Custom Donation



Ninja's Set

Custom Donation



Ninja's Cape

Custom donation



Treyway's BFGs 

Custom donation



Twitchu's Cape

Custom donation



Fezze's Wings

Custom donation







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