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Staff Update 11/1/2019

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With @Feeds's permission I've decided to bring our Staff Update threads back!

In order to bring a old tradition back into the community but also for community's chance to congratulate them!

Or even say their goodbyes to our future Ex-Staff members!




@Englog has been promoted to T2gZbYt.gif Forum Administrator ,  ouQeCCH.gif Gambling Manager!

This means we have a new manager of GAMBLING! Who's in charge of trusted hosts, takes care of dicezone!

Everything goes through him, if you have any serious questions to ask and only ouQeCCH.gif Gambling Manager can answer them?! He's the man!



@Ninja has been promoted to SriVdUY.gif Helper and has shown us he's capable of more responsibility which he got promoted once again! To fTkZF2h.gif In-Game Moderator!


@Bodhi has been promoted to ID5sbAg.gif Forum Moderator, he've shown us his activity on the forums, the input he was willing to do for the community!



@Ace123 has been promoted to SriVdUY.gif Helper! After countless hours helping others, guiding around and here he is!

Totally deserved it and welcome on the board!


@ACT I & @afade has been promoted to SriVdUY.gif Helper. Thank you both for helping loads and loads players with their struggles!

We'd like to see that! 


Congratulations boys! 

Let's keep Dreamscape safe and enjoyable! 


And we also gained  77HvcZx.pngTrusted hosts within our community

Their names are:-



@bee scurt

@4 Real Irish





And we also gained  77HvcZx.png Legacy Hosts

@cyco gek

@The dibber


We're glad to have you on the community, keep dicing safe




@HC Canada has resigned from  n5cbCbh.gifWiki ManagerNews Team Manager, khTY6Rb.gifGlobal Moderator.

How unfortunate you've lost your motivation but you're not gone from our hearts! We'd like to thank you for your services!

Hope you're still allright with your wifey, kids, and your school of course!


@rallen has been demoted due inactivity from SriVdUY.gif Helper.


It's been a long dayy.... without you... my friend!

A good luck in your future lives, may we meet again!










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