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Abyssal Sire Guide

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Because many people in game ask how Sire works i decided to make a quick guide :)


to get to Abyssal Sire go to boss teleports and scroll down to the bottom


the Sire always drops sire crystals which you can sell for around 150k each. you also have a chance to get the tam/nax/yix amulets, sword of the protectorate and the lambo and bughatti pets.



first off you want to bring some super anti poison and some food of your choice with you. the tentacles can hit pretty hard and without anti poison you die very quickly.

take the best gear you have with you. bring atleast a good fast hitting weapon. oblivion scythe is the minimun i recommend.


the better your gear the easier and faster you can kill the sire.


now how to kill it:


step 1: drink your super anti poison and hit the Sire once.




step2: destroy the 4 respiratory systems







step 3: wait for the Sire to step out of her little throne thingy and kill it.



there! you did it! :) good luck on your Sire grind.


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Thanks for making this guide, a lot of people were asking for this. Well done man!

Perhaps you can add something about requirements, how to get there and loot?

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