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Dreamscape Update 121 World Boss Revamp, Mega Droptables and More!

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  This week we really focused on the PVM experience 

ultimately breaking down some of the underwhelming pieces of content,

from the revamp of the Steroid Penguins to a total overhaul of the World Boss System!

Dreamscape Update 121 has a little something for everyone!












Today we introduce something revolutionary to the RSPS Scene

in the form of Mega Rare Droptables!


Mega Rare Droptables are a brand new way for you to increase your profit 

And possibly get a rare 1 in-game item! 

(if you've got a little luck on your side) 

Whilst PVMing in the Platinum and Executive Zones!




To activate your Mega Rare Droptables

You will have to pay one of the two following Npc's a 15m Cash Fee 

    for an hour of Extras Goodies! 

   (Which is stackable)  


                                                            a60ec935f5be30571ea52aab7d96ce49.png                                                              689b2af42384fbedeb93c6ea6873dbf8.png

                                              The Platinum Tokens Store                    The Executive Rewards Master




After purchasing your bonus time!

The monsters residing within the platinum and executive zone will

have the chance of dropping a few exclusive brand new rewards!


Weapon Upgrade Totems!




We have added in 3 Brand new upgrade totems which your high tiered 

weapons to give you that extra edge PVMING!



                                The BFG9000 (U)                    The Charged                  The Hades Cleaver (U)

                                                          Infinity Gauntlets (U)     



There is also a secret Mega Rare 1 in-game item on the brand new

Drop Table!


The Winner will be announced when the item has been received! 











This week we really focuses on the world boss system!

The world bosses are now something to be feared! 

With over 20 million HP!

Every 2 hours you will receive a server message indicating the location of the world boss!




After seeing this message you can run to the location which is stated in the yell chat!

(You may teleport if you are Executive + or have the Seers Horn)

On arrival you will notice a portal on the ground







The world bosses are now some of the strongest monsters ingame! 

You might need a few friends to take them down!

(World Bosses no longer have weapon restrictions.)






Now for the most fearsome creature in all of Dreamscape!

We really feel that players that dedicate their time to this really deserve an amazing reward!

With this in mind we've added an exclusive

Title Scroll Drop! 


"The World Guardian" Title!




The World Guardian title can be received randomly after defeating any of the world bosses!







That's right! Hades has just got bigger and badder! 

This brand new PVM Experience completely revolutionary to Dreamscape

requiring true skill and ultimately a tonne of practice to complete


The Enraged Hades is ultimately made up of several insane mechanics tailored to challenge even those with the most OP custom weapons ingame! 

(including several InstaKill Mechanics)




Hades hard mode is without a doubt the most difficult piece of content 

Dreamscape has to offer

With this in mind, we've taken a whole new approach to obtaining loot

with Enraged Hades, 

Enraged Hades will have an uncommon chance at dropping a brand new item 

by the name of 


The Empowered Tablet (Hades)




You will need to obtain and combine 300 Empowered tablets to create the

new best in-slot melee offhand 



The Hades Offhand 




To Enter the Enraged Hades encounter

You will first need to join a clan chat (The clan owner will be the party leader)

When the party leader teleports to Enraged Hades Via the Raids interface




The party leader will then have to pull the lever to force all party members will be forced into the Enraged Hades instance




Just remember the Enraged Hades HP and difficulty scales on the amount of players which enter the instance at the beginning of the encounter!


The most committed players will be able to master Enraged Hades

However it will take time!

Due to this we've decided to add a mystery prize for the first player to solo

The Enraged Hades!


If i could give you one piece of advise it would be 

Good luck Dreamers!

You'll Need It!









Now that the regular penguins have been Revamped!

We felt it fitting to give the Steroid Penguins a little bit TLC as well!




After careful consideration we have decided to totally scrap the old Steroid Penguin drop table and completely revamp with some really beneficial rewards for players of all 



Firstly I introduce the brand new adorable Roid Penguin Jr!






The Roid Penguin Jr. will ultimately fill the gap between the Pet Mystery Box and the Chaos Elemental Jr!

We have also added an attachment drop for the Penguin Staff (U)

So you can maximise your penguin pummelling power!

This will create a penguin staff (X)




The Penguin Staff (X) is similar in strength to the Frostbite Staff!


Along with these changes we have totally scraped the previous

Steroid Penguin drop table which will ultimately give you a ton more GP/HR!


The Steroid Penguins now have an increased chance of dropping clue scrolls!

For all you clue hunters out there!










After overwhelming community support! 

We have decided to bring back the previous Dicezone!

We will be re-evaluating the Dicezone Situation in the near future

with a possible implementation of a brand new Party-Room inspired Dicezone!














Today we introduce something a little special for our platinum partners!

The Long Awaited!

Superior Platinum Set!




You will need to combine all three of the Range, Mage and Melee

Platinum sets alongside the Platinum Glaive!

To craft the Superior Platinum Set 











- We have added the option to pay to restore your bonus drop rate on the emperors necklace. (this will cost 15m from your money pouch)

-  We have completely re-balanced melee armour, ultimately giving the Hades set a much needed damage and drop rate buff.

- The timer at ::AFK will now stack up, you can now use multiple cards at once.

- After teleporting out of Dice zone you will now be put into the Help Clan Chat from the Dice Clan Chat.

- We have totally revamped the Super Donator Store with some Juicy items!

- We have Added a Brand New Portal at ::home to help you navigate around the new home.

- When teleporting with the Crystal Key and Crystal Key + you will be taken to the crystal key chest.

- We have fixed a bug with the achievement prestige system not working for accounts with 200+ agility laps completed.

- We have given an extra 25% Extra drop rate for brand new accounts.

- Infinity chest rewards will now be directly added to your bank.

- we have removed the animation when opening the infinity chest.

- soulchest items will now be added directly to your bank.










Raptor's Backup

(Custom Donation)





Raptor's Stamin-UP

(Custom Donation)







The Superior Platinum Set

(Platinum Obtainable Item)









(Custom Donation)






Hades Offhand

(Loot From Enraged Hades)



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