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Dreamscape Update 120 - Revamped Achievements + Much More!

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It's that time again! Today we bring you a much needed

 insane overhaul of a tonne of content! From the achievement system, to Penguins

This update has a little something for everyone! 












After a tonne of suggestions we have decided to give the Black Diamond Box a little TLC!

Without further ado! I introduce

The Obsidian Virtus Set!





The Obsidian Virtus set will give you that extra edge in all PVM scenario's! 

Rocking similar stats to the Space Virtus Set! With additional extra Drop Rate and Double Drop Rate and even Luck!!



After careful consideration we have also decided to remove the following items from the Black Diamond Box

- Code Keys

- Camo Shield

- Purple Mist Shield

- Acidic Spirit Shield

- Space Spirit Shield



We have also decided to add an extra roll to get 100k - 1M Karmic Kismets to help with all those Karma Gainz!













Penguins have been a huge part of DS since the very beginning, and after countless suggestions we've decided to hit them with a little TLC in the form of a

Reworked Drop table!


The first huge addition to the penguins drop table is the brand new

Penguin Staff (U).




The Penguin Staff (U) is a brand new stylish addition to the Penguins drop table! With insane AOE it will be an amazing addition to any beginners arsenal!


We have also removed all of those Spammy drops from the Penguins drop table! and replaced them with 1DSGP - 35DSGP! So you can ultimately maximise your gainz whilst training those levels or hunting those Xebos Invitations! 




- We have Also removed the Multiway combat from the ground floor of ::mbox, allowing lower levelled players to really take advantage of this new piece of content!













Today we bring you something a little special! 

After careful consideration we believe that the achievement system was underwhelming! And really needed a complete revamp!


Firstly we feel that the old Achievement Shop was lacking hard with rewards, 

we combated that with a brand new reworked shop with some extremely juicy rewards!





We have also added a brand new box into the achievement store!

 The Box of Achievement!




Whether you're looking to get started! or for a bit of steady cash! the Box of Achievement is just for you! 





If you're committed enough to complete all of the achievements that Dreamscape has to offer we believe you should really be rewarded for all of that hard work and commitment!


In the spirit of this, Today I introduce to you the new

Prestige Box (Achievement)!





This Prestige Box (Achievement) harbours some of the juiciest rewards in Dreamscape including the Eternal Khiones Staff and The Ak-47 Assimov!


When you have completed all of the achievements you will be able to hit the new prestige button in the achievements interface.





When this button is hit, all of your achievements will be reset and you will be able to complete them again for more boxes and achievement points!










In the theme of revamping older content we've decided after careful consideration to tackle the outdated daily task system!

From now on the Daily Task system is an awesome way for you to gain a bit of GP on the side without all of that grinding! 




Just talk to the daily task manager at home! and you will be presented with 4 options!




After you pick the difficulty of your task you will be presented with an interface giving you an option of 1 of 3 tasks to complete! 

(Remember tasks scale on difficulty Expert tasks are amazing loot but very difficult)





After you complete one of these tasks you will be given an option to SPIN for your daily bonus reward! These are also scaled on level of difficulty to accommodate players of all stature!






After Spinning to win! you will be able to complete another daily task!

of a different level of difficulty! For extra daily loot!




Just remember tasks will be reset every 24 hours! 











After a mountain of requests! We've decided to completely rework the Dream Kings

Drop table!




The Dream Kings will now drop three new upgraded Dream Wing Boots!



The Dreamwing Boots (Melee) 




The Dream Wing Boots (Mage)




The Dreamwing Boots (Range)



To check out the brand new reworked Dream kings! 

Check out ::dreamking Today! 











With this weeks theme of reworking existing content!

We have decided to go all out and completely revamp ::mydeals!

Ultimately giving you more bang for you buck when donating!





When you hit ::mydeals you will be presented a 3 tiered system! 

Each reward tier will be juicer than the last! 

(::mydeals will updated frequently! Don't miss out)










Steroids Corruption Gloves!

(Custom Donation)






Rainbow Sceptre!

(Platinum Crate Bonus)






The Purple Mist Chicken outfit!







The Lava Chicken outfit!





The Space Chicken outfit!





The Purple Mist Dramen





The Lava Dramen 





The Space Dramen






The Mistlight Sword






The Lavalight Sword






The Acidiclight Sword




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Very neat update. Still forgetting  about the iron players though give us some Qol improvements like updating the portal with more bosses and better points and more stuff to buy with those points.


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Man, where should I begin?
These past months you guys been updating us with awesome and spectacular stuff, the staff team has worked hard and dedicated a lot so we #DSGANG can have fun in the best custom server.
This is the reason why Dreamscape is top #1 best Runescape private server.

Keep going with the awesome work! #DSGANG appreciates it.

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