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hc uchiwa

revamp superdonator zone shop

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What's the current issue?

its curently used when you get points by killing an npc on the superzone each kill give you 1 point and you can buy TOO CHEAP / JUNK  that worth 2 ds coin items on the picture on bottom




What's your suggested way of fixing it?

change all those shitty for some that will be a bit more helpfull? make it with new cosmetics
How will this benefit player/server?

when i go to sdz boss dung i never see a player killing those npc, its a zone that we unluck by paying with real money or ingame money, that need a revamp
How could this be expanded in future?

every1 can make a suggestion of items on it, and it could be monthly updated with some new items better than a partyhat for 500 kills...
What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered)

in my opinion, that will do nothing bad to the eco, could make an old zone a bit of new, each zone need to be usefull and those rewards are so bad and the items drop by the npc is so bad too, that wont be a bad revamp! 

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Yes, some of the donator zones store do need a revamp but you could also try to provide some ideas for them too. For example the executive store has 38 items while the platinum's only have about 19. As platinum's I feel like we could deserve more items in our store too, maybe even more add more different variety of items. (For Ex. avery's incantation 40k , EKS 50k, AK Assi 50k, Cent box 50k, Black diamond box 75k each, 2k19s 60k , Easter box 45k .) those are just examples that I could think of.

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I feel you, but I agree with @808raptor.


The thing you're stating is correct in a sense, but it would be nice if you had idea's as of what to put there actually. 


Maybe an additional suggestion to this would be making SDZ-points more benefitial, by for example adding an M4 Asiimov to the shop for a respected amount of points.

Adding commonly traded items such as 2K19 box etc I think should be a bit of a grind, especially since it's only the Super Donator Zone, but that's up to the developers team.

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